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Jamplay – Warm Ups and Finger Exercises

Playing the guitar is like a sport. there is a need to warm up and the following exercises shown in this Jamplay video are great for warm up and improving your fingers dexterity.

I am a fan of exercise for this purpose and Pumping Nylon by Scott Tennant which is based on an earlier book by Abel Carvalero one of the best performers ever!

I have included this video as a sample of what you can expect should you subscribe to the Jamplay on-line training. The advantage of this method is that it is available wherever you go. All you need is your smart phone and a wifi web connection. I wish I could have taken my guitar tutor with me like that, learning would have been a lot quicker!

You can now pack your tutor in your gig bag along with your tuner, metronome instrument and music and practice wherever you go. A luxury we never had when I was learning.

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Jamplay Lesson Example – Some Basic Blues

Jamplay is one of the most popular of the on-line guitar lesson websites. The following video is an example of the lessons that are available.

Blues and Jazz two of the oldest musical forms are based on a good foundation knowledge of musical theory and once you master these forms you will find it helps your overall performance.

The biggest advantage of these lessons is that you can stop them and repeat them whenever you want. This is not possible with live lessons and when you are learning from books alone.

Pay a visit to the Jamplay website by clicking on the video or one of the banner advertisements within this website. If you do this and purchase a course I may receive a commission as the referring affiliate. These commissions help me to pay for and support this website. Your lessons cost the same whether you buy through my link or not.

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Spanish Guitar – Best Hits Vol.2 – Part 1

Spanish Guitar – Best Hits Vol.2 – Part 1 NOTE: I do not own any of the music or video that is used in this production. I am not making a profit out of this and the content used belongs to their respectful owners and the artists. :Track List :
01.Govi – Andalusian Night- Govi – Andalusian Night [05:24]

02.Ottmar Liebert – Barcelona Nights- Ottmar Liebert – [04:06]

Barcelona Nights

03.Lara & Reyes – Exotico- Lara & Reyes – Exotico [05:33]

04.Oscar Lopez – Corrientes- Oscar Lopez – Corrientes [07:42]

05.Grant Geissman – Gypsies- Grant Geissman – Gypsies [05:04]

06.Strunz & Farah – Quetzal- Strunz & Farah – Quetzal [06:07]

07.Larry Coryell – Concierto De Aranjuez- Larry Coryell – [04:36]

Concierto De Aranjuez

08.Juan Carlos Quintero – The Way Home- Juan Carlos [05:14]

Quintero – the Way Home

09.Jesse Cook – Hermanos- Jesse Cook – Hermanos [05:39]

10.Carlos Villalobos – Duende- Carlos Villalobos – Duende [05:26]

11.Gus De Lange – Wandering Gypsy- Gus De Lange – Wandering [04:18]

12.La Esperanza – La Punta- La Esperanza – La Punta [05:37]

13.Marc Antoine – Cabrillo- Marc Antoine – Cabrillo [02:34]


Sasha – Sad Anl Light- Sasha – Sad Anl Light [05:11]

15.Erich Avinger – Lovin’ You- Erich Avinger – Lovin’ You [04:31]

Duration : 1:14:30

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learn malaguena classical guitar

Malaguena page 1 edition Liona boyd. For Dr. William Chavez.hope this helps
james Hunley. If you need help with the guitar e mail or call
james at 323 464-3766
or [email protected]
ps these videos are for my students aid and any other use is is gratis, please refrain from trolling

Duration : 0:3:11

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Vals for guitar Sheet Music for Classical Guitar Instrumental music

Sheet Musicin four hours in
+Sheet music for sax, trumpet, flute, violin, piano, viola, oboe, cello, clarinet, trombone, tube, bassoon, soprano, tenor sax, euphonium, english horn… in and (Submit your site!)
Video Sheet Music:
+Sheet Music: (Spanish)
http://partiturasmil. (Spanish) (Spanish)
Directorio Musical (Spanish)
“1000 Sheet Music for your Instrument” by
Post your sheet music in Tubescore. Contact us.
Best Regards.

Duration : 0:0:53

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A time for us (Romeo & Juliet) – Nino Rota – classical guitar

“A time for us” on classical guitar.

Duration : 0:2:59

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Duo Classical Guitar – Julian Bream & John Williams – Guitar Recital

RODRIGO CESAR BANHARA Classical Guitar – Julian Bream & John Williams – Guitar Recital

Duration : 0:53:59

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BACH – Cello Suite N° 1 in D – JOHN FEELEY guitar


Riccardo d’Alterio – Cello Suite N° 1 in D – JOHN FEELEY guitar2012-05-01

Duration : 0:19:34

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Duration : 0:4:54

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Classical guitar cover – Howl’s Moving Castle Soundtrack


tab and score:–tab.html

Howl’s Moving Castle Theme (Jinsei no Merry Go Round) is a beautiful piece of japanese music written by Joe Hisaishi.
I consider this piece as one of the most beautiful soundtrack that have been written in recent times and then I tried to make an arrangement for guitar as complete as possible…although, for this reason, it is quite challenging to play.
The sheet music for this piece, like others, will soon be available on a new site currently under construction…in the meantime fell free to email me!
Questo è il tema principale del cartone animato Il Castello Errante di Howl, scritto da Joe Hisaishi. Considerando il brano una delle migliori colonne sonore degli ultimi tempi, ho cercato di creare un arrangiamento per chitarra il più fedele possibile al brano originale. Anche per questo è un pezzo abbastanza impegnativo da suonare.
Tab e spartiti saranno presto scaricabili da un nuovo sito attualmente in costruzione.

Duration : 0:3:19

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