PINK – perfect on acoustic guitar [with Lyrics / TAB / Sheet Music]

This is “fuckin perfect” by PINK. Its an acoustic version with score, chords, lyrics and tabs for play-along.
The song is arranged for 3 guitars, you see one of them in the video. Its basicly about how to play the song on guitar. At the beginnig I play some fingerpicking with melody-lines, at the end I use some strumming-patterns.

Hope you like this one, cheers, Ronny.

PS: If you can´t read the sheet music just click “720p – HD”.

Duration : 0:3:36

Stephen J Parkin (The Dressage Husband) lives at Pine Grove Stable in Nova Scotia with his wife Shauna La Pierre and owns 4 horses 1 dog and a cat (Robin The Barn Kitten). He writes on Hubpages, Ezine and Street Articles, as well as being the author of this blog.

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25 comments on “PINK – perfect on acoustic guitar [with Lyrics / TAB / Sheet Music]
  1. waggygee says:

    you got tabs …
    you got tabs instead of sheet music?

  2. broadcast2k9 says:

    I can make you the …
    I can make you the tabs (melody only). if you need them, just send me your mailadress – I´ll send it to you.

  3. sk8ergalXoXnonstop says:

    Do you have sheet …
    Do you have sheet music to other songs?

  4. broadcast2k9 says:

    Maybe… I write …
    Maybe… I write some scores for my students. If you have a request, just write a PM 😉

  5. Hoden Krebs says:

    That’s so wonderful …
    That’s so wonderful, it makes me cry. It’s better than all those other covers and it’s much better than the original, I just fell in love with this! <3

  6. broadcast2k9 says:

    oh, vielen lieben …
    oh, vielen lieben dank!!! solche kommentare motivieren mich zum weitermachen 😉

  7. Domzdream says:

    Hey man. If you’re …
    Hey man. If you’re into some good metal. Check out Ayreon: The Human Equation.

    It’s great stuff!

  8. broadcast2k9 says:

    Hey mate, I checked …
    Hey mate, I checked it out (and it was a lot to check 😉 ). Sounds like slow old Nightwish-stuff with little electro-influences… a little hard to get in but not bad at all. I think it would sound better with real orchestration – but thats a question of the budget… thanks & cheers, ronny.

  9. Domzdream says:

    Since you did a …
    Since you did a Pink song, I don’t know if you’re into Papa Roach. I personally love them. Wouldnt it be cool to get Pink to sing some songs with Jacoby ? Both have excellent voices.

  10. Clairevoyante says:

    I just played the …
    I just played the melody (voice) on my violin, on top of your cover, and I must say it wasn’t bad at all! AHhaha I wish I could record it, I’d show you the result! 😀

  11. broadcast2k9 says:

    wow, thats …
    wow, thats something I wanna hear!!!

  12. Clairevoyante says:

    ah I tried to …
    ah I tried to upload a video with just the audio on youtube, and seems like the quality was too shitty, even for youtube HAHAHAH I’ll definitely rent a microphone soon!

  13. Clairevoyante says:

    Go check out my …
    Go check out my profile, I posted a video (with crappy quality but it gives a nice preview of what will be coming when I’ll have a good mic hahah), and I used your song on the background. Of course I cited you 🙂

  14. prescyl12 says:

    Nice version i have …
    Nice version i have a tab but not like ur version. but ur version is soo nice..

  15. StereoHearts98 says:

    Your version is …
    Your version is waaaay better! U killed the strumming dude your awesome

  16. cazzosii says:

    you are amazing on …
    you are amazing on guitar 😮

  17. 1DFAN20001 says:


  18. Shakila Behzadi says:

    is it hard “?
    is it hard “?

  19. MultiJorDiSOn666 says:

    ohhh, tenacious d …
    ohhh, tenacious d shirt! 😀 I like it! 😀 \m/

  20. TheCousinsClap says:

    can you do Gravity …
    can you do Gravity by sara barelles? -nat

  21. Joe Ma says:

    finally i found an …
    finally i found an video with tabs and chords, but sadly i don’t know how to read those music symbols ..

  22. aylintanko says:

    Hammer geil
    Hammer geil

  23. Marina Shehani says:

    WoooW! Good job man …
    WoooW! Good job man! You are awesome!

  24. christie-anne truijen says:

    Where can I find …
    Where can I find the tab/music sheet? I need it for school x:

    AWESOME cover!!

  25. Hang Seng Goh says:

    i nearly fell …
    i nearly fell asleep while hearing this music n holding my guitar. LOL

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