BACH – Cello Suite N° 1 in D – JOHN FEELEY guitar

Riccardo d’Alterio – Cello Suite N° 1 in D – JOHN FEELEY guitar2012-05-01

Duration : 0:19:34

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16 comments on “BACH – Cello Suite N° 1 in D – JOHN FEELEY guitar
  1. Madame Cinzia Di Nardo says:

    Che meraviglia …
    Che meraviglia riempire il silenzio con questa musica….grande artista, grazie Riccardo. Ciao Cinzia.

  2. bmargot80 says:

    Cosa dovrei dire …
    Cosa dovrei dire riguardo il lavoro di una vita di Bach? Ascoltalo, suonalo, amalo, adoralo — e stai zitto! (Albert Einstein)

  3. Luiz Cláudio Barcellos Guzella says:

    Sensacional!!!! …
    Sensacional!!!! Parabéns!!!

  4. Adriana Sanchez says:

    Bravo!!! Abraço
    Bravo!!! Abraço

  5. Joyce socha-lanius says:

    Outstanding!!!!!! …
    Outstanding!!!!!! Effortless.

  6. lodealsignore says:


  7. LUA BRANCA - Érica Marin says:

    Um virtuose… …
    Um virtuose… tocando Bach, o divino!

  8. 137uc14 says:

    Un regalo para los …
    Un regalo para los oídos.Realmente hermoso.No hay palabras que alcancen para describir el arte del genio de Bach.El mas grande entre los grandes!!!

  9. bienvenido gonzalez says:


  10. ryanblinkguy says:

    I know that first …
    I know that first movement, one of the first classical songs I ever learned

  11. Saul dos Anjos says:



  12. David Kaufman says:

    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  13. Abigail Krupnick says:

    Bedda. E bedda.
    Bedda. E bedda.

  14. Depthsreflection says:

    which brand is this …
    which brand is this guitar?? that pattern in the hole looks brutal!

  15. Michajeru says:

    His guitar was …
    His guitar was made by Michael O’Leary who is an Irish luthier.

  16. Yo Kwee says:

    Wow!…..Fantastic …
    Wow!…..Fantastic solo.

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