learn malaguena classical guitar

Malaguena page 1 edition Liona boyd. For Dr. William Chavez.hope this helps
james Hunley. If you need help with the guitar e mail or call
james at 323 464-3766
or [email protected]
ps these videos are for my students aid and any other use is is gratis, please refrain from trolling

Duration : 0:3:11

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  1. davidpeiris71 says:

    Great work my …
    Great work my regards from Sri lanka

  2. Rai06f says:

    Very Wonderful!**** …
    Very Wonderful!*****
    Many thanks!

  3. MusicMonicaNaranjo says:

    Fantastic !!!! I …
    Fantastic !!!! I subbed. Greetings from Spain. MUSICMONICANARANJO

  4. 212flaco says:

    Great Effort !!! …
    Great Effort !!! Many Thanks.
    Please Could you Post the second part of this wonderful song ,That Would be Fantastic!

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