Guitar/classical Jim Greeninger, Intro & Romance –

Intro & Romance, recorded live. Also see: Pepe Romaro, Christopher Parkening, John Williams, and Julian Bream.

Duration : 0:2:47

Stephen J Parkin (The Dressage Husband) lives at Pine Grove Stable in Nova Scotia with his wife Shauna La Pierre and owns 4 horses 1 dog and a cat (Robin The Barn Kitten). He writes on Hubpages, Ezine and Street Articles, as well as being the author of this blog.

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25 comments on “Guitar/classical Jim Greeninger, Intro & Romance –
  1. pauldioo says:

    amazing !!! jim …
    amazing !!! jim your dimension skill in classical guitar is too good

  2. TheBlooodyX says:

    wow !!
    wow !!

  3. BallerPimp3243 says:

    i cant put my …
    i cant put my finger on it, but it sounds different from the original version of the song…but still awsum sound

  4. garrethdavis says:

    @BallerPimp3243 i …
    @BallerPimp3243 i think its that basically he’s hitting A LOT more notes than players usually do for that piece, and he’s using a few different kinda ‘bridge notes’ if you no what i mean! =D

  5. k021091 says:

    the f*cking best …
    the f*cking best really

  6. venusdoom6666 says:

    nice niceeee …
    nice niceeee nicee

  7. mirbaalatas says:

    very-very perfect!! …
    very-very perfect!!!!!

  8. OsmanNevrez says:

    İts really great… …
    İts really great… thank you bransonguitar for the video…

  9. sucubusa says:

    Maestro. Gran …
    Maestro. Gran interpretación.

  10. vedhot9 says:

    i like it!!!
    i like it!!!

  11. taiyi900 says:


  12. blaze420jimbo says:

    Beautifully played! …
    Beautifully played!!!

  13. Tiagoblueyestar says:


  14. DatWonGuy says:

    It doesn’t matter …
    It doesn’t matter how good of a rock/metal guitarist I am… until I can play like THAT, I’ll be nothing.

  15. wakeupneo311 says:

    anyone have any …
    anyone have any ideas as to the tuning of this piece?

  16. shredhead161 says:

    I know wut u mean …
    I know wut u mean man. I can rip the out of an electric guitar. I can get stuff to sound pretty and with alot of feeling. But Wow this is just like picasso. I don’t come close to this. Speed wise yes. But not the feeling wise. The feeling he puts in is almost alien

  17. sminhle says:

    The intro is …
    The intro is absolutely amazing !

  18. chino65z says:

    exelente intro y …
    exelente intro y ejecusion¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  19. SuperHummel says:

    thank you very much …
    thank you very much, it sign that a guitare is not a simple instrument, but it gives so much peoples which can’t play it, me include,,, the only what can help is, ,, a very good trainingplan

  20. VLombardi01 says:

    That was a nice …
    That was a nice version!

  21. YeuSen says:

    It’s so lovely.
    It’s so lovely.

  22. 4st5lbs says:

    it can be played in …
    it can be played in standard tuning

  23. PunkAndFun says:


  24. UnionDalger says:

    Very very very good …
    Very very very good 5*

  25. Jrodking01 says:

    my friend ludwin is …
    my friend ludwin is a beast at guitar when not playing it

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