Tears in Heaven Guitar Tab Music How To Acoustic

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• Chord inversions
• Arpeggio patterns
• Shapes, fingerings and voicings
• Advanced barre chords
• Fretboard mapping
• Styles and songs
• Guitar theory

PLEASE NOTE: For intermediate and advanced level players.

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Play Until Yer Fingers Bleed!
Mr. Desi Serna (Google me!)
Scales, Chords, Progressions, and More

Duration : 0:9:22

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25 comments on “Tears in Heaven Guitar Tab Music How To Acoustic
  1. RipZuey says:

    useful video, it …
    useful video, it would would have been easier if you had shown how you played with your right hand also

  2. an2n07 says:

    cool man! thanks!
    cool man! thanks!

  3. isuckNewbton says:

    man thanks a lot, …
    man thanks a lot, this helps so much

  4. busterboypk says:

    I do! google a …
    I do! google a program called Youtube Downloader, get the newest version, works great!

  5. meown23 says:

    @ …
    @GuitarMusicTheoryTab i agree with hansvegt1. 2nd part is really not doing it for me :/ 1st part was reallllly good. 2nd part im unable to follow

  6. bobbykhawk says:

    Excellent video, …
    Excellent video, thanks for the guidance, I knew there was a better way to play this which flowed and progressed. I kept seeing tabs which did not flow but contained quirky cords that sounded correct but were hard to progress through.
    Other folks here that are commenting on what the left hand is doing, just learn a simple inside out and outside in finger pick method, it will allow you to keep the left hand tempo going while you make the cord progressions.

  7. collinhahaha says:

    best how to video …
    best how to video on this song ive heard

  8. 777orland says:

    you hit my wave man …
    you hit my wave man! tnx

  9. astafteki says:

    thank youuuu
    thank youuuu

  10. MistyLove7 says:

    Am I the only one …
    Am I the only one who plays wiithout a hidden thumb behind the neck?..

    Is playing with a low thumb the correct way to play? (cuz I find it puts strain on my wrist)

  11. GuitarMusicTheoryTab says:

    Technically, there …
    Technically, there is no correct way to play. Just be sure that whatever you do feels comfortable and sounds good. For me this sometimes means wrapping my thumb, and other times it means placing it behind the neck.

  12. AKastro1 says:

    actually quite the …
    actually quite the oposite. Technically, there is a correct way to play, as per every instrument. wether or not a certai way works for you or not, there is a right and wrong way. The correct way is to have the finger behind the neck wether it works for you or not is unimportant

  13. GuitarMusicTheoryTab says:

    I’m sorry AKastro1 …
    I’m sorry AKastro1 but this is incorrect and unfounded. Even Eric Clapton himself wraps his thumb around the neck at times. As did Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Les Paul and Chet Atkins. Add to this list almost every other rock, blues, and country guitar player on the planet. I have even seen pictures of Andres Segovia with his thumb poking up behind the guitar neck. And upright bass players bring their thumb around the neck the other way and use it to fret when reaching for high notes.

  14. TheCannabisKing says:

    that is probably …
    that is probably the most moronic thing Ive ever heard.. if you can play the chords and what not, no matter what way you do it, you have the ability to play guitar; all the rest is just stupid schematics that ignorant people seem to believe of as laws.. if you have some evidence that proves stressing your thumb out is beneficial in some way than lets here it. otherwise, your point is null and void..

  15. chuckli33 says:

    Sometimes I wonder …
    Sometimes I wonder how we, the old timer’s ever got along not having these new comer’s telling us the right way to play the guitar. I’ve learn over the years… if it work, and comfortable, USE IT!

  16. evanhobbs says:

    Yeah sure there’s …
    Yeah sure there’s not a ‘correct’ way to play but there are techniques that are generally better for most people and doing otherwise could limit your development in the long run. I think it’s better to start off with what’s generally considered ‘correct’ technique and then modify it later on when you know more. It’s the same in basketball: without proper form very few people become consistent, reliable shooters. They might reach a point where there technique limits further increases.

  17. GuitarMusicTheoryTab says:

    @ …
    @GuitarMusicTheoryTab You can read more about this topic by Google searching the terms “guitar thumb position desi serna”

  18. urbanprankcallers says:

    Is that the whole …
    Is that the whole song, or are there any other chords not shown here through the song?

  19. GuitarMusicTheoryTab says:

    @urbanprankcallers …
    @urbanprankcallers (uploader) Not quite, this is just a few pieces of the song. It’s intended to be an example of using the guitar CAGED chord system. I think the bridge is:
    C  G/B Am D/F# G D/F# Em (D/F# G)
    C G/B Am D/F# G D/F# E

    Of course there are multiple guitar tracks. These are just the basic chords.

  20. iTzChef says:

    thanx man, i love …
    thanx man, i love you.
    im used to play metallica and more, so i cant even do the fingerpicking.

    but i learned this.

    if i become a rockstar, i going to say that learned fingerpicking from you

    srr for bad language(im dutch)

  21. MrLimaman says:

    thx i learned the …
    thx i learned the first part but i need some tab for the second do you know where i can get some good tab for this song

  22. dean108clayton says:

    thank you
    thank you

  23. Senaatintori says:

    Google …

    Google “ultimate guitar. “!!!

  24. maiutzica says:

    very nice
    very nice

  25. maiutzica says:

    very nice
    very nice

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