Pachelbel Rant

A comedian rants about how much it sucks to play Pachelbel’s Canon in D on a cello. Recorded live at Penn State, this piece by comedian/musician Rob Paravonian has been a favorite on the Dr. Demento Show.

Duration : 0:5:14

Stephen J Parkin (The Dressage Husband) lives at Pine Grove Stable in Nova Scotia with his wife Shauna La Pierre and owns 4 horses 1 dog and a cat (Robin The Barn Kitten). He writes on Hubpages, Ezine and Street Articles, as well as being the author of this blog.

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25 comments on “Pachelbel Rant
  1. goodxdayxsunshine says:

    hahahaha I’ve …
    hahahaha I’ve played a few instruments… I’ve played first violin on this song and it was beautiful, i’ve played second violin on this song and it was beautiful (with first violin… don’t worry though, i didn’t suck haha) … and i’ve played cello on this song (after playing it on the violin both times) and i just… I really miss the violin sometimes haha

  2. blacksabbathvids says:

    @Soccerg864 thanks …
    @Soccerg864 thanks man 🙂

  3. rgucker says:

    you could make the …
    you could make the ultimate mashup with those chords, lol.

  4. debbiechickie5 says:

    LOL..”Taco Bell”= ” …
    LOL..”Taco Bell”= “Pachabel”

  5. nightgod473 says:

    @blacksabbathvids …
    @blacksabbathvids One Tin Soldier

  6. joadiss says:

    @blacksabbathvids …
    @blacksabbathvids One Tin Soldier, I think you mean.

  7. magikpaul says:

    I bet his PC is a …
    I bet his PC is a Packard Bell xD

  8. MrsTaraDawes says:

    @fenderchick1977 …
    @fenderchick1977 lol this is soooo true – I ended up playing the clarinet as well not knowing that we would always get the parts that sound like a duck being strangled 🙁

  9. HappyGoNegative says:

    what the name of …
    what the name of the song he saidl that he listen to a horg (can’t spell) fest?

  10. fenderchick1977 says:

    @MrsTaraDawes Did …
    @MrsTaraDawes Did you guys ever have to play Semper Fidelis? The Sousa march? That was always my least favorite…we had to “tongue” the same notes over and over again really sharply and my tongue hated me. My mom had my Grandmother over and asked me to play her something nice. I sat and played quarter notes of G over and over in succession. She eventually yelled at me to stop that and go away. I told her I was just trying to play a Sousa march. Now I’m married to a Marine. FML

  11. trex0021 says:

    @HappyGoNegative …
    @HappyGoNegative Hook by Blues Traveler

  12. RdSoxFan618 says:

    One Tin Soldier – …
    One Tin Soldier – Gimp

  13. TheFlailingWolf says:


    Y’know, I …

    Y’know, I never noticed that before! XD

  14. Lathanub says:



    I’d do a guy who could play the Law & Order solo, and I’m straight.

    … Yeah, nah I wouldn’t but that’d be awesome!

  15. iminsaneagain says:

    Hahah, Green Day …
    Hahah, Green Day reference from 3:49 – 4:13.

  16. CoaybayOficial says:

    Why would someone …
    Why would someone NOT like this video? It’s genius!

  17. taibu57 says:

    @fenderchick1977 …
    @fenderchick1977 That’s not true at all, I personally play Saxophone and Clarinet, and let me tell you I’ve had some sick clarinet solos! Go listen to some Harlem Airshaft, or listen to other great jazz recordings, clarinet gets some of it’s huge features there! Also, there are a ton of classical solos for clarinet that are just absolutely gorgeous. If you play clarinet long enough, you will perform something that moves people just as much as a cello solo will! Trust me!

  18. TheZombieJC says:

    @fenderchick1977 …
    @fenderchick1977 Play jazz. I played clarinet, and jazz has cool.

  19. KadajYunaJenova says:

    .___.; I think you …
    .___.; I think you passed your curse on to me. No joke, I finished this video and Cannon in D came on the radio.

  20. MrSullytheGreat says:

    Pachelbel’s first …
    Pachelbel’s first name is Johann

  21. BobStein3000 says:

    Pachelbel i’ll see …
    Pachelbel i’ll see your in lalala =)

  22. jakB56 says:

    @MrSullytheGreat …
    @MrSullytheGreat well done. you noticed

  23. Oshtinpowers says:

    @taibu57 i play sax …
    @taibu57 i play sax and clarinet too 😀

  24. bulba787 says:

    The 2nd violin joke …
    The 2nd violin joke makes sense if you relate it to the 2nd violins in my school

  25. matthewaven3250 says:

    brass instruments …
    brass instruments are for wannabes with no intonation.

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