Acoustic Guitar Lessons “Canon In D” Tab Included

Canon in D. Played in C, but with capo on 2nd fret it is D .”To take online lessons with me visit” If you would like to make a donation, pdf tabs are available.

Duration : 0:1:57

Stephen J Parkin (The Dressage Husband) lives at Pine Grove Stable in Nova Scotia with his wife Shauna La Pierre and owns 4 horses 1 dog and a cat (Robin The Barn Kitten). He writes on Hubpages, Ezine and Street Articles, as well as being the author of this blog.

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26 comments on “Acoustic Guitar Lessons “Canon In D” Tab Included
  1. Pete says:

    I am playing this in a wedding in a month. My fat fingers have rouble playing it in drop D tuning and this C version in standard tuning appeals to me. Do you have the full pdf sheet music with tab under the music notes? I will pay for it. How much and how do I pay you? Paypal?

  2. Sawlon says:

    @13579946 Thank you!
    @13579946 Thank you!

  3. mangateenager says:

    is the tab corect? …
    is the tab corect? ’cause when it should be 1332xx at the begining you are plying c chord or somethink like this.

  4. MrChoonwee says:


    Noticed it too…

  5. 54321rocker says:

    great tnx dude!this …
    great tnx dude!this is just what i look for

  6. Sawlon says:

    @54321rocker Cool! …
    @54321rocker Cool! Thanks!

  7. JackieW296 says:

    im speechless…. …
    im speechless…. Its beautiful

  8. Sawlon says:

    @JackieW296 Thanks …
    @JackieW296 Thanks so much!

  9. JackieW296 says:

    @Sawlon Do you have …
    @Sawlon Do you have tabs on how to paly it without the capo?

  10. Sawlon says:

    @JackieW296 I don’t …
    @JackieW296 I don’t. Sorry.

  11. green3towers says:

    This is what is …
    This is what is being played at my wedding, thanks so much! It is amazing =’)

  12. Sawlon says:

    @green3towers Cool! …
    @green3towers Cool! Thanks!

  13. twangmeister says:

    Awesome, thank you …
    Awesome, thank you very much for posting!

  14. Sawlon says:

    @twangmeister …
    @twangmeister You’re welcome!

  15. TheRealRslive says:

    love your style
    love your style

  16. Sawlon says:

    @TheRealRslive …
    @TheRealRslive Thanks!

  17. Burnd93 says:

    How long are you …
    How long are you busy with answering all that reactions?=P
    Respect for that^^
    Still love the song, the part on the 3rth page is the hardest one for me, but in a few days i can do it like you do=D

  18. Btotheernd says:

    good stuff!
    good stuff!

  19. Sawlon says:

    @Burnd93 Pretty …
    @Burnd93 Pretty busy. lol Thanks!

  20. Sawlon says:

    @Btotheernd Thanks!
    @Btotheernd Thanks!

  21. Lorac134 says:

    wow u wish i could …
    wow u wish i could play like that…..

  22. Sawlon says:

    @Lorac134 Just keep …
    @Lorac134 Just keep practicing! They’re so many players I wished I could play like. Thanks!

  23. mltabi says:

    great cover. XD
    great cover. XD

  24. Sawlon says:

    @mltabi Thanks!
    @mltabi Thanks!

  25. alejandrohleon says:

    really cool cover
    really cool cover

  26. Sawlon says:

    @alejandrohleon …
    @alejandrohleon Thanks!

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