NEW.Pink Floyd.Is there anybody out there(cover).Solo Classical Guitar.

06 NEW.Pink Floyd.Is there anybody out there(cover).Solo Classical Guitar.Id say this is 1 of the best versions of this on utube with 1 guitar(u decide),this is solo guitar no messing about with multi track trickery.I got the idea of using the second drone note from trying to learn Beethovens ‘moonlight sonata.Instead of plucking the D string then playing the Am arpeggio i’m plucking the A and the D string,when playing the part in C im plucking the E string and the A string.Im playing this tune with the right hand five finger flamenco technique instead of the traditional four finger (PIMA) classical way, this means i can use a flamenco style which i think suits this tune better for solo guitar and creates abit more interest..

Duration : 0:1:35

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