My Memory (겨울연가 冬季戀歌 Winter Sonata OST) – Fingerstyle Guitar Tab

Download Tab:
Special thanks to gnahanut for providing his original tab 🙂

GuitarPro tab:

Duration : 0:2:47

Stephen J Parkin (The Dressage Husband) lives at Pine Grove Stable in Nova Scotia with his wife Shauna La Pierre and owns 4 horses 1 dog and a cat (Robin The Barn Kitten). He writes on Hubpages, Ezine and Street Articles, as well as being the author of this blog.

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28 comments on “My Memory (겨울연가 冬季戀歌 Winter Sonata OST) – Fingerstyle Guitar Tab
  1. Diexel says:

    I hope you will respond .. can you give the guitar chords of my memory? I love the way you played it .. ohh please

  2. Diexel says:

    It’s amazing the way you played my memory .. can you please share with me the guitar chords tab of my memory ost winter sonata.. i like the song very much .. I hope you can help me ..I Don’t have a website but you can send it to my email .. I hope you can give it to me .. please .

  3. eternity13d says:

    what’s your sites …
    what’s your sites URL?

  4. anababymatte88 says:

    two …

    two thums up!!

  5. TheAragorn390 says:

    where i can find …
    where i can find this tab?

  6. catman1008 says:

    Just beautiful! …
    Just beautiful! Lovely playing, a wonderful song, and a great guitar. Which Alhambra are you using for this song, the Luthier or the 5PCWE2? How would you compare them, are both amplified? Is there a model number for the Luthier, to distinguish it? I ask these questions because I would like to get a good electric-classical guitar. Thanks and best of luck!

  7. hofei says:

    I …

    I played it with the cedar top cutaway. 5PCWE2 has fishman preamp and the Luthier is just acoustic. For the Luthier there is no model number, it is with spruce top and has very good volumn and bass output. I bought it from’s store in Pasadena, CA.

    lacg[dot]net, search Alhambra guitar, last one

  8. reyajmtadventurer95 says:

    @hofei so lovely.. …
    @hofei so lovely.. its so pleasant to hear.. may i please ask what or where is your site??

  9. reyajmtadventurer95 says:

    @hofei : wonderful. …
    @hofei : wonderful… i’d really appreciate if you won’t mind sending the tabs for me:)
    [email protected] or [email protected]

  10. NeeChanProduction says:

    WOW you did this …
    WOW you did this too?! *ö*
    I love it! You’re awesome, thank you thank you~~

  11. iambrixgal says:

    i really realy …
    i really realy like dis song, nice one.. (=

  12. drakukha says:

    good job ! and …
    good job ! and thanks for the tab

  13. taenababy says:

    i like ur watch!
    i like ur watch!

  14. theguilty999 says:

    Very Good .. I mean …
    Very Good .. I mean REAL GOOD :)

  15. LagiNaLangAko23 says:

    great playing… i …
    great playing… i really love it..

    winter sonata have the best songs among the k-drama shown here in the philippines… used to sing along to this song.. they actually released an album of all the songs in the show, with the words in tagalog… : )

  16. tela021089 says:

    can you pls …

    can you pls send me the tabs because i cant download it in the said website..thank you.hope youll help me

  17. leslieanleynes says:

    thank you so much! …
    thank you so much! for the free tabs!!! kip up d gud work.. 🙂

  18. AldindaGilbert says:


  19. Antreidez says:

    Great playing! =D

    Great playing! =D
    can you watch mine too!? thanks

  20. sassa1129 says:

    beautiful song!!! …
    beautiful song!!! beautiful talent!! ^^

  21. gorio123456 says:

    Would you mind …
    Would you mind share the guitar tab? My email is [email protected] Tnx.

  22. hofei says:

    @gorio123456 : tab …
    @gorio123456 : tab is on my site (go to my channel)

  23. MrBenchels says:

    another talent that …
    another talent that people will love…love it so much and thanks for the free tabs!!!

  24. asdasdqwe says:



  25. ibnuasyraf1 says:

    Hello,where do you …
    Hello,where do you put the mini mic at guitar? and how you adjust the line volume,stereo mix and mic volume?

  26. ibnuasyraf1 says:

    i download your …
    i download your guitar pro tab,now im in practice,thanks a lot 😀

  27. charmiegan says:

    could you give us …
    could you give us guitar chords for this? I can’t find one in the net. I am just a beginner in playing the guitar but I want to study this song. Please help. Thanks

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