Pirates of the Caribbean [Main Theme] on guitar

I HAVEN’T GOT TABS, I played it by ear, so I won’t answer to people who ask for tabs. sorry.

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Mp3 download: http://www.myspace.com/hemodrop

My cover of this song -He’s a Pirate- on classical guitar. On this video i’m playing the lead guitar, but rhythm guitars and others (2nd, 3rd guitar..) are also recorded by me.

NOTE: I have also uploaded an animated version (uhm.. i think it’s better) that includes the rhythm guitar video.. check it if u want: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw2fnX74POs

Sorry but i don’t have tabS =( i picked up the notes by ear.


Thanks for your comments 🙂 Hope you enjoy.


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NO TENGO TABS, la saqué de oído, lo sientooooo, no contesto a la gente q pide tablaturas pq preguntan a diario y lo he dicho ya en todos los idiomas =(

He’s a pirate, tema principal de Piratas del Caribe.
En el vídeo toco la guitarra principal, de fondo (es un audio) suenan la rítmica y demás arreglos que también grabé yo antes de grabar el vídeo. He subido otra versión (en plan comic) en la que se ve la rítmica, por si a alguien le ayuda a la hora de sacar los acordes o algo. A mí me gusta más el plan comic.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw2fnX74POs

No tengo tablaturas, la he sacado de oído, y ganas de hacerlas tampoco tengo muchas… lo siento.

Pirata!! Salud..

Duration : 0:1:35

Stephen J Parkin (The Dressage Husband) lives at Pine Grove Stable in Nova Scotia with his wife Shauna La Pierre and owns 4 horses 1 dog and a cat (Robin The Barn Kitten). He writes on Hubpages, Ezine and Street Articles, as well as being the author of this blog.

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25 comments on “Pirates of the Caribbean [Main Theme] on guitar
  1. TheAmazingRetard says:

    is there a second …
    is there a second guitar in this?

  2. Gazi2546 says:


  3. AsmoJun says:

    unbeliveable, that …
    unbeliveable, that you´ve got no tabs for this… hard to imagine…^^

  4. Rhavytaa says:

    This is sooo …
    This is sooo awesome.

  5. Dtyler171 says:

    Read the info, …
    Read the info, there’s 3 guitars, all played by him.

  6. thijss145 says:

    your are the BEST!!!
    your are the BEST!!!

  7. thijss145 says:

    make a movie ? than …
    make a movie ? than you can show it 😀

  8. simmytam says:

    this is good!
    this is good!

  9. MizzNichole86 says:

    Yes there is a …
    Yes there is a second guitar. But if you are a good classical guitar player you can play both parts at once…

    Kind of why this vid disappointed me. But it sounds good. Nice vid.

  10. nigel0703 says:

    verry cool
    verry cool

  11. georgie882 says:

    is that a nylon …
    is that a nylon string?
    my fingers are like soar and red cause of my steel string guitar

  12. robin9993 says:

    u are pretty gd on …
    u are pretty gd on guitar 😀
    !!!! :D!!!!

  13. damanofdreams says:

    WOW – no tabs
    WOW – no tabs

  14. Sepp2202 says:

    Two Words…. Magic …
    Two Words…. Magic Hands .!

  15. karaokemaschine says:

    sounds really good! …
    sounds really good!!!

  16. ytrehalfronoc says:


  17. BenMc147 says:


  18. bigtibseh says:

    damn that sounds …
    that sounds good
    man u gotta get some tabs up

  19. maxbeak2005 says:

    Jesus is Coming …
    Jesus is Coming Soon!!
    Receive Jesus into your heart before its too late!! Unless your Born Again you cant enter the Kingdom of God (John 33)
    When you receive Jesus in your heart you receive eternal Life and become a child of God (John 316).
    You will become a New Creature Righteous in Christ!!

  20. teufilina says:

    Yup you are good 🙂
    Yup you are good 🙂

  21. eQINoOpTioNx says:

    yes georgie882 it …
    yes georgie882 it is, i’ve played guitar for about 7 years and i had that very same problem. The thing i suggest is play for short ammounts of time several times in the day, this will give your fingers a chance to harden without hurting :]

  22. TheSebastianMadsen says:

    awesome ! 😀
    awesome ! 😀

  23. MrRockAP says:

    damn im going to …
    im going to learn that somehow :DDD

  24. sachinramesh47 says:

    Great dude
    Great dude

  25. salomepereiras says:

    wow you are really …
    wow you are really good!! =0

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