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For those wishing to Learn Classical Guitar there are plenty of books available, but it is really hard to decide on which will truly help you Learn Classical Guitar. I have included a few of the ones that I personally found to be the best available. Jason Waldron has done a superb job in bringing the Classical Masters to the Classical Guitar for beginner and intermediate players. The fact that he is one of the World’s best players has helped him greatly in being able to transpose these pieces to the guitar and they all sound great. They are all pieces that most students exposed to the Classics will be familiar with and this helps greatly in playing with the correct rhythm and timing. This greatly speeds the average persons ability to quickly learn Classical Guitar.

Another of my personal favourites is Scott Tennants “Pumping Nylon” Scott has written a masterpiece for developing the correct technique for both left and right hands, whenever I am having difficulty with my technique for a new piece I find that spending a couple of days on Scott’s exercises soon solves the problem.

There is a small selection of books in the shop and some may also be found at  (Play Classical Guitar).

There are also internet based learning methods:-

For Guitarists that are too busy or too far away from major towns learning to master the guitar has been a problem. Well this is no longer true as there are now a whole range of video courses available either on-line for download or as DVD and CD sets. Either of these options is great as you can move along at your own rate and replay any lessons or pieces that are giving you trouble. The key features of these courses is that they provide the ability to keep replaying, so that you can go at your own pace, and do not have to keep paying for repeated lessons.

Some of these courses will also allow you to learn more than one style of play and of course you can pick and choose styles as you progress. You will not have to find a new tutor each time you decide to change styles.

The most popular down-loadable course is Jamorama and there is a fast moving new course specifically for the Electric Guitarists Guitar Super Stars (see below).

These courses allow you to develop at your own pace and choose the lessons and styles that appeal to you, you also get some great tools to help you learn such as on line tuners and metronomes, as well as the ability to view repeat and replay until you have truly mastered the technique. They really are a great way to learn.

Try the Most Popular Guitar Tutoring System on the Internet to learn to play classical guitar, why? because it works! Jamorama.

One specifically for the Electric Guitar Players out there, with 7 different tutors so you can pick the one you like most, or try them all! It will cost less than a single live instructor and you can repeat a lesson as often as you need. Guitar Super Stars.

These systems are video based and have music you can play along to, students report that these systems give quicker results than standard music lessons, and all the lessons can be repeated as often as you like, until you have mastered them. This makes them both cheaper and faster to learn with than is the case with conventional music lessons.

For those that want to learn by ear there is a neat new product on the market that allows you to slow down the music but keep the correct pitch for each of the notes Riff Master Pro. You speed the music up as your technique improves, until you can play along to the music with correct timing.

If you have a good ear for music and like to learn by ear there is a fantastic new learning product that helps you get absolute pitch and relative pitch skills so that you can name any note and even place it in relation to where it is played on the instrument. The Pure Pitch Method. Wow!

When learning Classical Guitar and Lead Guitar one of the main secrets is mastery of the scales so here is a great course on mastering guitar scales. Guitar Scale Mastery

Many people (like me) have for some reason or another put off learning to play Guitar for many years and now there is a great course just for us! It is specifically designed for the different way that adults approach learning. Adult Guitar Lessons This course made for the older learner, seems like a great idea to me!

This brings me to another question that has been raised by one of my readers, and that is how do left handed children learn to play guitar? Well there are two or three solutions often they play a right handed instrument in exactly the same manner as a right handed child, this is because both hands are required to do relatively complex and unrelated tasks in order to play. The other solution is a left handed instrument, these can be bought and in the list of guitars I have included a left handed model.Then some guitars such as my Yamaha can be strung either way as either left or right handed as the bridge consists of a slotted piece of plastic with a triangular shaped insert which is tallest under the base strings, this can be reversed when the strings are removed and the instrument strung in the reverse sequence, thus turning it into a left handed instrument. The only remaining difficulty is in finding left handed tabulature, most of the lefties I have come across reverse the right handed tabulature and become very proficient at it.

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