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One of the questions often asked in respect of the Classical Guitar is do you need to read music or can you learn from Classical Guitar Tablature? The answer is that it is better to take lessons and learn to read music. The Classical Guitar Tabulature only shows the fingering for the left hand, whilst the music which is written all in the treble clef gives the timing for each note, and it is also conventional that the music for classical guitar be annotated with the right hand fingering, and often the left hand fret position too.

It is personal preference as it is quite possible for highly talented individuals to play entirely by ear, using their sense of tone, timing and rhythm to pick up the correct notes and sequences to play. However as a general rule I would recommend learning to read music, because those who master sight reading are able to play anything from the original scores. The trained musician who masters Classical Guitar and who can sight read will always be in demand, that is not to say that tabulature does not have a place in learning to play the Classical Guitar it certainly does and many quality players use tabs to help them learn new pieces.

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  1. Richard June 3, 2010 at 2:25 am #

    much appreciatedtab seems just like the band

  2. Angele Martin September 29, 2009 at 1:43 am #

    Many beginner guitar players, anxious to get through the hard stuff and start playing ask if they really need chords to learn guitar. There’s also the question of how many chords are really necessary. Some people have actually bought their first guitar, downloaded some tabs and learnt to play them. So for people who have been able to learn guitar without chords, the question is whether they can just keep going in this way.

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