Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons : How to Read Guitar Sheet Music

Learn how to read guitar sheet music in this free music lesson on video, with beginner playing tips.

Expert: Jeff Miles
Bio: Jeff Miles has been playing the guitar and piano since hew was 10 years old. He has played as a professional since he was 16. He was a private instructor in Houston from 1998 to 2006.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

Duration : 0:1:53

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25 comments on “Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons : How to Read Guitar Sheet Music
  1. MrExtreMetal says:

    when will expert …
    when will expert village be able to post videos with more than minutes duration? they’re not so expert after all 🙁

  2. Zack Marzulli says:

    that did not teach …
    that did not teach me ANYTHING

  3. AllCricketTalk says:

    i guess anyone can …
    i guess anyone can make a video for expert village… this is a horrible guide..

  4. tb0nestk says:

    How do you spell C …
    How do you spell C-R-A-P-P-O-L-A?

  5. CzechTech7 says:

    This must be the …
    This must be the worst how-to-guide I’ve ever seen. It should be banned from youtube.

  6. Xuan Ngo says:

    thats it?????
    thats it?????

  7. DreamYourOwnDream says:

    he was holding the …
    he was holding the guitar weird!

  8. wftycjkg says:

    haha i hate to be a …
    haha i hate to be a hater… but this video is not helpful at all, btw he’s not “holding the guitar wierd!” he is a classical guitarist

  9. marizpiano says:

    Hi guys,

    I wanted …
    Hi guys,

    I wanted to let you know of a cool new piano learning device in Gizmag
    Google “gizmag pianomaestro”

  10. marizpiano says:


    Interesting …

    Interesting new piano learning device featured in Gizmag
    Google “gizmag pianomaestro”

    Just wanted to share

  11. personaltip says:

    Thank you for this …
    Thank you for this clip. Could you tell where to go to find a book or source that can take you reading from A to Z? I am already playing guitar but I have problem with reading the notation. I can only read TAB but I want to go alittle bit farther. Thanks a lot for your advice.

  12. DavinaFaerie says:

    I totally agree, …
    I totally agree, but it’s not the musos…Some of them are amazing, it’s just the fact that they edit & then cut out the parts just before the muso starts to make the main point. They do it to get more views & so people watch more of their vids…

    God they suck! lol

  13. grenade011 says:

    oh my god thank you …
    oh my god thank you soo much for telling me 3 of the notes on your sheet of music! now i can read any music!

  14. Jeremy Martens says:

    this vid sucks
    this vid sucks

  15. ccg1223 says:

    lighting sucks ass
    lighting sucks ass

  16. FlameSyber says:

    OMG OMG OMG 42 …
    OMG OMG OMG 42 likes and 42 dislikes I CAN MAKE A CHANGE FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE!!!

  17. femaledeer says:

    You have to be …
    You have to be kidding me. You did nothing to show where the notes are on the guitart.

  18. Jamie JamieJamie says:

    He was spot on when …
    He was spot on when he said “Nothing very exciting.”

  19. augie150 says:

    If i watched this …
    If i watched this is an experienced guitar player i would’t just say that is a g and a A and other notes and try to get the lesson over with, That is bad teaching. Should you at least show us where that note is and what line or space of any basic information so we can try to figure it out. Expert village just became retarded village.

  20. kats63139 says:

    YOU SUCK, WTF? Why …
    YOU SUCK, WTF? Why did you dedicate a video to teaching beginners how to READ sheet music FOR GUITAR, when you just said, “Go learn the alphabet,” you’re a turd. Thanks for nothing.

  21. kats63139 says:


  22. kats63139 says:

    You didn’t even …

  23. augie150 says:

    Thanks, well they …
    Thanks, well they aren’t experts and they didn’t seem to teach anybody so yeb Retarded Village. They didn’t help me at all and i know a few channels that teach reading music of a lot better than Retarded village which is what it’s called now.

  24. augie150 says:

    I didn’t see …
    I didn’t see on that sheet music i mean you said G but i didn’t really think of where it is cause i don’t see on that piece of sheet music, Expert village learn to teach others properly you fucken Retards. jesus christ you make other people off and they are probably still frustrated about learning how to read sheet. Do your job right, Assholes.

  25. MrYummy234 says:

    you could be …
    you could be alittle more SPACIFIC!! if thats how you spell it. -_-

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