ROMANZA, Spanish Romance ‘Romance D’Amour’ Played with FEELING! + TABS!


This charming and ever-popular melody was bought to the publics attention when the recording made by Narciso Yepes was used throughout the 1952 black and white French movie ‘Jeux Inderdits’. It has gone on to inspire millions to take up learning the classical Spanish guitar. The track can be purchased together with the tablature and an advertisement free high resolution version of this video from the Al Marconi Media web-site (link above). The track can also be purchased on its own from the same web-site.

Stay tuned for plenty more great videos, backing tracks and tabs to come!

For the curious I am using a 1976 Manual Conde Flamenco Guitar that I have restored and embelished a little. The microphones are Beyer 930 condensor mics.

Duration : 0:2:43

Stephen J Parkin (The Dressage Husband) lives at Pine Grove Stable in Nova Scotia with his wife Shauna La Pierre and owns 4 horses 1 dog and a cat (Robin The Barn Kitten). He writes on Hubpages, Ezine and Street Articles, as well as being the author of this blog.

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25 comments on “ROMANZA, Spanish Romance ‘Romance D’Amour’ Played with FEELING! + TABS!
  1. Miguel Landestoy says:

    very well done man, …
    very well done man, I’ve mastered the first part of this piece just working on the second, wish me luck lol

  2. Al Marconi says:

    You’ll be fine…if …
    You’ll be fine…if at first…try and try again.

  3. Achmad Nasution says:

    This what I’m …
    This what I’m looking for! Thank you. 🙂

  4. Budi Utama Budi says:

    Just for : JEASSY …

    at : Lebua State Tower – Bar ,
    Bangkok 1 – 12 December 2012
    I love it this song …

  5. bhatla9984 says:

    Awesome Sir .. …
    Awesome Sir ..beautifully done … hope I ll be able to play one day 🙂

  6. Jeanie Kirby says:

    PLEASE, come to …
    PLEASE, come to play in Brisbane Qld Australia???????. I want front Row seats. You have been given the most amazing beautiful gift from God, such devine Music.XX, What’s this Like symbol?, I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XX

  7. Al Marconi says:

    You are so kind…. …
    You are so kind….cover the air fare and expenses and I’m there;-)

  8. William Douglas says:

    Al, you used to …
    Al, you used to play outside the cathedral in Truro, Cornwall years ago if im not much mistaken. i just wanted to let you know that my father and i would listen to your music often after church services (i was a chorister) and it was always a privilege to hear you play, so thank you for that

  9. Al Marconi says:

    Thanks William, I …
    Thanks William, I still play there from time to time!

  10. fabridel59 says:

    merci a toi tu la …
    merci a toi tu la joue tres bien aux abonné..

  11. Cheryl Holmes says:

    I believe that one …
    I believe that one of your commentors for this particular piece stated that they did not like the way you held your guitar that it was unprofessional, and I did indeed laugh out loud. They apparently do not know that this is the proper way to hold your guitar if you are playing Classical Guitar. Bless their poor little unknowing hearts, lol…  Bravo!!! Love It!

  12. Al Marconi says:

    Well it was …
    Well it was actually on another video and in that one I was sitting differently with my leg stretched out….for the reason that I get problems with my right knee. Ok it looked a bit ‘unprofessional’ but when the lad gets to my age he may find he has the same problem after hours in the studio! lol

  13. traknut says:

    I own a music …
    I own a music school in Red Bank,NJ. USA,,,This is the best version of this i have seen…so beautiful and natural..Nick Trocchia

  14. Al Marconi says:

    Thanks so much for …
    Thanks so much for that encouragement. There are some shockers out there….

  15. MimorenaChula says:

    one of my favorites …
    one of my favorites of all time’s Excellent Interpretation.

  16. MimorenaChula says:

    One of my all time …
    One of my all time Favorite! Thanks Al…. Great Tallent Buddy!!!

  17. Soliman Elmasry says:

    Stunning …
    Stunning performance. I recently got a classical guitar, and i’m begging you, would you please put some tutorials in you chunnel

  18. Al Marconi says:

    Thanks but I just …
    Thanks but I just don’t have the time to do tutorials and there are so many on YT already…OK not all of them a particularly well done or accurate but for me do make tutorials it would be unprofitable and won’t help to pay my bills….unless people are prepared to pay for this serve…unfortunately most won’t as they see YT as a FREE resource and would resent paying. So that’s why most tutorials are cheaply done….you get in life what you pay for…;-)

  19. light300spirit says:

    thank you for …
    thank you for playing!

  20. Brigando100 says:

    Thank you so much. …
    Thank you so much. Beautifully done. Thanks.

  21. Marcelo C. says:

    Excellent …
    Excellent interpretation, well done keep up the good work !!!!!

  22. angela shinta says:

    omg sir please …
    omg sir please teach me i wanna be like you

  23. Al Marconi says:

    lol….thanks…but …
    lol….thanks…but try and be better then me….that’s the thing to aim for. With gratitude to you…Al

  24. glenda mercier says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for playing this.It was my mother’s favourite. pefect day to hear this. beautiful!!!!

  25. Zuzana Bogdanyiova says:



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