John Williams Guitar J S Bach Prelude from Lute Suite No. 4 in E Major

I stumbled across an old VHS recording assumed lost for 19 years that my mum had recorded for me. The video and sound quality is pretty good to say it has been stored in an old box in all weathers. I had to upload it for others to enjoy the brilliant technical maestro John Williams

Duration : 0:4:23

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6 comments on “John Williams Guitar J S Bach Prelude from Lute Suite No. 4 in E Major
  1. Наталия Муравьева says:

    Великолепное …
    Великолепное исполнение!

  2. CP Bee says:


  3. Angel Speranza says:

    A eso se llama …
    A eso se llama tocar la guitarra, la interpretación y técnica impecables; SALUDOS CORDIALES, AMIGO JOHN !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Pipixcan69 says:

    Él es increíble.
    Él es increíble.

  5. Vic jammer says:

    just beautiful..
    just beautiful..

  6. pillowintheeye says:

    wonderful – and so …
    wonderful – and so much better than Nigel North’s version on the lute

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