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Stephen J Parkin (The Dressage Husband) lives at Pine Grove Stable in Nova Scotia with his wife Shauna La Pierre and owns 4 horses 1 dog and a cat (Robin The Barn Kitten). He writes on Hubpages, Ezine and Street Articles, as well as being the author of this blog.

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10 comments on “Classical Guitar
  1. juufa72 says:

    Do you have the …
    Do you have the list of composers and compositions? The last one is very nice. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Joshua Albert says:

    Yes I’m searching …
    Yes I’m searching for it myself

  3. Alejo Balaguer says:

    typical german …
    typical german landscape, brings me back there in 1995-1996 when i was sent for a scholarship… and a very nice music! thanks for uploading.

  4. yogaman99 says:

    o my where are all …
    o my where are all theses images from there beautiful

  5. Shavemacman says:

    All the images are …
    All the images are of Germany. I made these slide shows for my mom and she is from there. The last song is “La Catedral” composed by Augustin Barrios Mangore, played by John Williams, album “From the Jungles of Paraguay”.

  6. Thanh Nguyen says:

    very nice-wunderbar …
    very nice-wunderbar ! Ich habe gehoert wen Ich warst ein kinder

  7. MrKuhistani says:

    beautiful music, …
    beautiful music, lovely landscape, thank you!!!

  8. Alan Comer says:

    Amazing :-)
    Amazing :-)

  9. claudia connolly says:

    So beautiful… I …
    So beautiful… I hope to visit Germany some day…

  10. Dmitri Tchoulanov says:



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