MUSIC READING – Level 1: Reading Music Notes on the Guitar

The response from Andrew Wasson , of Creative Guitar Studio, to:

“Can you do a video lesson that explains how to read music notation (not tab) on the guitar? There are so many of the exact same notes on the neck that I cant understand how
the process of where the notes should be played specifically actually works when a guitarist reads music notation.

Vincent, NY.

Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio covers the process of how guitarists can learn how to organize the music notes from a song onto the guitar fretboard in a logical manner using a system.

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25 comments on “MUSIC READING – Level 1: Reading Music Notes on the Guitar
  1. Ryan Fox says:

    Wow. This video …
    Wow. This video was really helpful! Thanks!

  2. ZiggyGreenthumb says:

    Its because B-C and …
    Its because B-C and E-F are only a semitone (one fret) apart rather than a tone (two frets) like all the other notes. Learning basic theory like the major scale and learning the notes on the guitar would help you underdstand things better.

  3. Firstname Lastname says:

    wow. i’m hooked. …
    wow. i’m hooked. thank you.

  4. gallion lion says:

    i know they are …
    i know they are semitones but then i wanted to know the reason as to why only BC and EF are semitones

  5. Christoffer Nilsson says:

    I hate the fact …
    I hate the fact that i used to play avista when i did classical guitar, but quickly lost that ability when i just got sick of it and started full time with electric guitar

  6. oribt1 says:

    Thank you very …
    Thank you very much! Really helped alot!

  7. Angel Macias says:

    I don’t know …
    I don’t know anything about guitar. Sometimes I might be a little distracted to try to learn online; especially when 80% of the “lingo” I don’t understand. What would you recomend to begin my path to learning how to play the guitar. I really love the sound and the feel of it. WOuld you be able to do a very “simplified” lesson course for Novice Beginners like me?

  8. MagicKeys4Guitar says:

    What will it value …
    What will it value to you, if you knew a secret formula that takes you to any note on any string on any fret quickly?

    All you needed was to give the formula the name of the note and the string number and it gets back to you the fret numbers the note is on.

    (note name) & (string number) gets (fret numbers)
    note ‘a’ and 2nd string gets 10,22

    The formula can learn in about 15 mins and you can find notes right away.

    let me know what you think.

  9. Richard Kicklighter says:

    Right on the mark! …
    Right on the mark! You said it smack on the nose. Buckle down and study, STUDY. It seems terribly difficult at first and clear as mud. Then the transformation begins to take shape. Wannabes are too lazy texting & Facebooking. The pros know what it takes to accomplish this skill, there is no substitute.

  10. alronmendoza says:

    LOL why not try …
    LOL why not try challenge yourself to make it in a year?. 😀 it’ll be better that way, than give up before even trying..

  11. AeonzAgaze says:

    I just don’t get …
    I just don’t get how to look at the sheet music and then play it on the guitar can the chords (eadgbe) be played anywhere on the chords they are specified or does the sheet music tell you where? and how do you play (face) spaces? and one last thing how do you tune an acoustic guitar….sorry im new to this and its really confusing

  12. ilke10 says:

    You’re too late, I …
    You’re too late, I read notes fine by now :p

  13. alronmendoza says:

    good for you man.. …
    good for you man.. 🙂 hope I could do the same after some hard practice.. cheers man

  14. Rathnak koko says:

    Do u have Facebook …
    Do u have Facebook?
    Thank.. 🙂

  15. cordovastyle3 says:

    How ya like that …
    How ya like that midi pickup?

  16. dan B says:

    ;{… didn’t …
    ;{… didn’t understand any of it. please make a video for serious beginners.

  17. Gary Walsh says:

    Dan: I loved this …
    Dan: I loved this lesson. Is there a resource to learn where (what) the notes are in the fifth position? I have looked all over the place and can’t find one.

  18. Gary Walsh says:

    Sorry, Andrew: …
    Sorry, Andrew: Also, you made reference in another post about “clarinet books” as a good place to start. Is the publisher named Clarinet or are you referring to the instrument?

  19. creativeguitarstudio says:

    It (5th position) …
    It (5th position) would be the notes found between the 5th to 8th frets. – Andrew

  20. creativeguitarstudio says:

    I was only …
    I was only referring to books that are simply clarinet study books. For example; the Canadian publications of the Royal Conservatory Method Books in notation for the clarinet. – Andrew

  21. Gary Walsh says:

    Andrew: I realize …
    Andrew: I realize the notes between the fifth and eight frets are the “fifth position” notes. what I am looking for is an illustration of a scale played in the fifth position in order to teach what the note names are and an easy way to find them so you can play a tune in the fifth position as you suggest in your lesson. thanks.

  22. Gary Walsh says:

    I understand what …
    I understand what you are saying but is there a lesson on playing scales in the fifth position so you can learn the note names easily and be able to play a tune in the fifth position as you suggest in your video lesson? thanks for the help

  23. Gary Walsh says:

    Why would studying …
    Why would studying lesson books for the clarinet help someone who wants to learn to play guitar?

  24. creativeguitarstudio says:

    The range of notes …
    The range of notes for clarinet notation is equivalent to the range found on our guitar fingerboard. – Andrew

  25. C2ARNY85 says:

    Finding the notes …
    Finding the notes on the neck was black magic to me, when you explained moving up 5 frets i felt like an idiot…that was very helpful, Big Thanx! 🙂

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