Seven Easy Pieces for Classical Guitar by Frederic Hand.

Here’s a sample lesson from Seven Easy Pieces for Classical Guitar – Taught by Frederic Hand. Catalog number DVD-HND-GT22. Available at

Duration : 0:2:11

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6 comments on “Seven Easy Pieces for Classical Guitar by Frederic Hand.
  1. aussieguy3333 says:

    very good
    very good

  2. ネイ クロム says:

    sooo smooth~
    sooo smooth~

  3. sirmat911 says:

    What are the names …
    What are the names of these pieces?

  4. pecas771 says:

    Thanks for share …
    Thanks for share the video with us. What guitar You have? Is this a ramirez?

  5. RDM213 says:

    not sure the 1st …
    not sure the 1st one he’s playing, the 2nd one at 1:20 is Adelita by Francisco Tarrega

  6. mrstratochief1 says:

    Frederic:- its the …
    Frederic:- its the first time i watched you play classical music all 7 easy pieces. I was dumfounded. I also enjoyed & can learn from you. Thanks God Bless! M.S.C.1.

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