Applying Music Notation To Guitar

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There are ONLY 12 notes in music (based off of the 7 letters ABCDEFG)

Thanks. Hope this helps. My apologies to Balitino, I’ve been very busy this week. ­čÖé

Stay well.


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24 comments on “Applying Music Notation To Guitar
  1. emma14watson says:

    i rly rly like your …
    i rly rly like your vids & i also learned a lil’ bit yet. i also checked out your website, but i doooon’t get how to read the notes & then play them on my guitar o_O it’s so hard.. do i have to learn by rote where every note is on the staff and on my frets?´╗┐ thx!

  2. contradistincte says:

    actually found …
    actually found something that helps.´╗┐ thanks.

  3. Wazup sam says:

    THanks a lot´╗┐ dude
    THanks a lot´╗┐ dude

  4. kelsey bond says:

    huh? i watched that …
    huh? i watched that 7 times´╗┐ and still dont get it

  5. wildwestpoint says:

    what’s the software …
    what’s the software/application are´╗┐ u using?

  6. GrantTudor says:

    Thanks, this really …
    Thanks, this really helped, but I’m still a little confused on something. For the top picture that shows the notes in order on the bar, it doesn’t display all´╗┐ of the notes from the guitar picture, are those just useless? Do they come in later? I’m still kind of new to playing the´╗┐ guitar so can anyone help???

  7. R1ronin says:

    This vid was the …
    This vid was the missing piece in my guitar/sheet music puzzle. Thanks for posting this, and even posting the pic´╗┐ was a nice touch, thanks again! ­čÖé

  8. TheRedHorse666 says:

    You got my sub, …
    You got my sub, being a self taught guitarist and drummer left me with a lot of´╗┐ empty spaces and a lack of comprehension. Thank you very much for these videos

  9. freakkiller277 says:

    So how would you …
    So how would you read music that corresponds´╗┐ to notes higher up on the guitar?

  10. XaTaH6aRp says:

    This´╗┐ is …
    This´╗┐ is needful lesson GOD BLESS YOU ­čśÇ Thumbs up for him

  11. Vinnie Durrant says:

    Thank you soo much …
    Thank you soo much walt, I´╗┐ can develop further now

  12. Lorelei Brewer says:

    Again, thank you a …
    Again, thank you a ton for this video. I have been wondering that for a long time. The only question I have is this: how would notate the higher notes in musical notation? As in, all the notes beyond the notes you’ve written on the fretboard in your tutorial, and how would you´╗┐ know which string they were played on based on the notation? I do take notes on your videos, by the way. ­čÖé ­čśë

  13. accordian6ty says:

    You are a gem …
    You are a gem giving so much of your time´╗┐ and valuable info. massive thanks. you rock!!!!

  14. James Gao says:

    LOVE you. this is …
    LOVE you. this is helpful, never thot about it this way. Thanks so much. hopefully it’ll help me learn to sight read quickly´╗┐ within a short time period. wish me luck guiz!

  15. SilverPanzer98 says:

    How do you what´╗┐ …
    How do you what´╗┐ fretto use?

  16. Gregg Carter says:

    well it depends on …
    well it depends on where the not is on the staff, if it’s below the staff you would play that note on the lower strings, or on the more bass side of the guitar. a good way of know is the G note on the staff, which is on the 2nd line, is open string G. hopes this´╗┐ helps a little.

  17. Gregg Carter says:

    sorry theres one …
    sorry theres one more thing i should add, open string G, 5th fret on D sting, and 10th fret on A string are all the same note, so it also helps to know what the note progression is. if you playing on lower notes and then´╗┐ it goes to real high notes then the G note on the 10th fret of the A string might be a better choice for the note progression.

  18. satchrules101 says:

    thanks for´╗┐ this
    thanks for´╗┐ this

  19. Maxxwel Bacon says:


  20. skyblue2567 says:

    What about playing …
    What about playing songs the use the higher frets?? how do you´╗┐ read that on notation for guitar?

  21. satchrules101 says:

    fucking confusing …
    confusing bro ,, but you are a good´╗┐ teacher I have to keep at it..

  22. Lexie Turner says:

    This was EXTREMELY …
    This was EXTREMELY helpful! Thank you so much!´╗┐ I even paused the video and took notes on a few things ­čśÇ

  23. MANGOROCKY says:

    nice´╗┐ dude. Thanks …
    nice´╗┐ dude. Thanks ­čśÇ

  24. 3dlpcman says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the diagrams and video! Helped out´╗┐ a lot.

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