The Hardest Classical Guitar song I know played on my acoustic with my sausage fingers

This is the hardest song I know, its difficult enough on my classical guitar but I love the way it sounds on the acoustic. I had this song memorized for years and just recently found the sheet music again. It’s Carulli’s Hat Etud, 6 studies for guitar, this is the 5th study in the series.

Duration : 0:3:21

Stephen J Parkin (The Dressage Husband) lives at Pine Grove Stable in Nova Scotia with his wife Shauna La Pierre and owns 4 horses 1 dog and a cat (Robin The Barn Kitten). He writes on Hubpages, Ezine and Street Articles, as well as being the author of this blog.

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25 comments on “The Hardest Classical Guitar song I know played on my acoustic with my sausage fingers
  1. yootoobwotcher says:

    Beautiful song and …
    Beautiful song and very nicely played. Well done!

  2. sb123864 says:

    Clap , Clap!! Great …
    Clap , Clap!! Great job man. Is it harder to play classical on an acoustic? I’ve played for 10+ years but never classical, but this really spoke to me; I think I’ll watch this a few times and learn this by watching you. I actually picked up my acoustic earlier and found myself playing the beginning of this in a slightly different way so I searched youtube until I finally found your song again (I watched it a while back, wanted to learn it and forgot). lol

  3. Daniel Sundahl says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the comment. I have the sheet music scanned to my computer, if you’d like it I can email it to you. Classical on an acoustic is harder, the neck on a classical is wider which gives you more room to move your fingers.

  4. sb123864 says:

    I got up about 1:10 …
    I got up about 1:10 until the fast rundown thing. I can play up to there but I stopped at that point because I’m having trouble doing the multiple finger picking; I can do it just not that fast so I’m going to practice picking that for a while. I don’t read music; everything I know I’ve learned from tablature or mostly just from watching people play, like you.

  5. sb123864 says:

    If you would be …
    If you would be kind enough to answer another question….why do you hold the guitar at an angle when playing classical? I’ve got up to 1:20 down pat but having trouble figuring out the next part. Thanks!

  6. Daniel Sundahl says:

    Classical guitar …
    Classical guitar players hold their guitars at that angle for easier left hand movement and fingering. The higher the angle the more natural your hand is able to reach all the frets. The less distance your fingers have to move the faster you can play. You’ll also notice really good jazz guitar players have their guitars high up on their bodies. Look where Tom Morello (Rage against the machine and Audio Slave) or BB King holds their guitars.

  7. MetalTillDeath Korn says:

    that’s awesome but …
    that’s awesome but on a classical guitar i think it will be better cz it’s classical, but great job, that’s very impressive

  8. TheHYEGUY says:

    that was wonderful, …
    that was wonderful, I was wondering if I could get the sheet music from you. thanks.

  9. Daniel Sundahl says:

    Sure, send me your …
    Sure, send me your email address and I’ll send you the pages.

  10. vincent .k says:

    do you have a tab …
    do you have a tab for me? and btw nice really beautifull

  11. TheHYEGUY says:

    your personal …
    your personal messages are blocked on your channel

  12. Daniel Sundahl says:

    Sorry, I only have …
    Sorry, I only have the sheet music.

  13. Daniel Sundahl says:

    Thanks, just …
    Thanks, just changed it.

  14. TheHYEGUY says:

    still not sending, …
    still not sending, try disabling contact lock

  15. Daniel Sundahl says:

    Try again.
    Try again.

  16. Fırat Tansu says:

    can you post your …
    can you post your sheet at least? So we can study on it? mail is also accepted 🙂

  17. Michelle Mac says:

    Really great job! …
    Really great job! Love it.

  18. xXBiKool says:

    AWsome job man 😀 …
    AWsome job man 😀 Made my tears go up.

  19. sergegemmeke says:

    Amazing play sir,i …
    Amazing play sir,i love it.Not to shabby for saucage fingers …lol

  20. Jonathan Kizuka says:

    would trade my …
    would trade my skill in metal in a heartbeat for classical skill…

  21. Kumari Mahalingam says:

    could you possibly …
    could you possibly take a picture of the music for me?
    also the full name of the piece would be helpful 😀
    thanks, it was a really nice piece

  22. Daniel Sundahl says:

    If you send me a …
    If you send me a private message with your email I’ll email you the music.

  23. Kumari Mahalingam says:

    thankyou so much

    thankyou so much
    I’m about halfway through the second page D:
    First piece ever learnt with sheet music and its getting tricky

  24. LUJoeKeo says:

    I have sausage …
    I have sausage fingers too 🙁 That’s why I feel more comfortable playing a ukulele. Fantastic job by the way.

  25. baws277 says:

    great job, sounds …
    great job, sounds beautiful.

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