Learn How to Play Someone Like You Adele song on Classical Acoustic Guitar FREE MUSIC TABS

Full song Tabs shown on Guitar Pro 6. Arrangement for Classical Acoustic Guitar in Standard Tuning with Capo on 2nd Fret.
FREE files for practice:
PDF TABS: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?oqcu73r27miuwsg
Guitar Pro File (GPX): http://www.mediafire.com/?58rlcmglh3zbal1

If you like what you see please…

These ARE NOT the official tabs and are intended for educational purposes as a visual teaching aid with no language barriers.

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Duration : 0:4:23

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4 comments on “Learn How to Play Someone Like You Adele song on Classical Acoustic Guitar FREE MUSIC TABS
  1. John Smith says:

    Hey man i just …
    Hey man i just bought guitar pro 6-full version (the $60 one) and im familiar with how to use it, but i cant find THIS song and i desperately want to learn it, can you- somehow send me the file for this song or something? thanks

  2. GuitarTabsTV says:

    Hey, no problem – …
    Hey, no problem – check out the description box :D

  3. jacob atlee says:

    this is really hard …
    this is really hard to play I’m a bit confused how to play it?? is it OK if u can show me how to do it on the guitar?;)thanks

  4. JBgOldenthrOat says:

    cant see it :/
    cant see it :/

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