Twenty Classical Guitar Songs for Beginners

Most of these come from the collections in books level 2 and 3. Go there and join the really helpful community to get access to the sheet music, then take it to kinkos for spiral binding. The best investment I’ve ever made to improve my guitar playing.

Duration : 0:10:32

Stephen J Parkin (The Dressage Husband) lives at Pine Grove Stable in Nova Scotia with his wife Shauna La Pierre and owns 4 horses 1 dog and a cat (Robin The Barn Kitten). He writes on Hubpages, Ezine and Street Articles, as well as being the author of this blog.

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25 comments on “Twenty Classical Guitar Songs for Beginners
  1. Friedrice2010 says:

    damn. terrible …
    damn. terrible vid….

  2. communistbear says:

    Can you help me …
    Can you help me find a link to that Carulli waltz? I’m not familiar with any classical music and I searched on the delcamp website but couldnt find it.

  3. ramses0 says:

    Took some digging, …
    Took some digging, but – “F. Carulli, Complete Method (Opus #27), Waltz in E-minor” should pull up many many resources for it.

    If you search for “Classical Tab” on the first site, they have it listed under: “Valse + Trio in Em” and if you do image searches for it you should be able to find the sheet music very easy as well. It is also in the Frederick Noad book “Solo Guitar”, but not listed with an opus number.


  4. communistbear says:

    Thanks! I found it …
    Thanks! I found it. Anyone else who is looking for it can find it at wwwfingstyle com/ carulli11.php

  5. NineBrk says:

    Why do you guys ask …
    Why do you guys ask for steps? Where does the video say lesson?

  6. ThoughtThinkerTomas says:

    my opinion: these …
    my opinion: these are boring as f*^K

  7. Padangmagek says:

    Dude this the 21st …
    Dude this the 21st century, we don’t listen to that Midle ages crap no more. I mean , Juden könig WTF.
    Man i’m outta here

  8. ramses0 says:

    The nice thing …
    The nice thing about old stuff is that usually only the good stuff survives.

    Wikipedia: Christ ist Erstanden

    “””The Easter hymn Christ is risen is probably the oldest liturgical singing in German. It probably comes from the South German-Austrian culture and was built around 1100 as a German-language response to the survey Cross sung by the congregation.”””

    Just over 900 years old??!? Will we remember Star Wars 900 years from now? When 900 years old you reach look as good you will not.

  9. Bob Saget says:

    perfect. im …
    perfect. im looking for easy songs to practice sight reading.

  10. Padangmagek says:

    o yeah, right. …
    o yeah, right. Sorry for being so rude

  11. TheBdemba16 says:

    i don’t know a …
    i don’t know a single song you’ve played.

  12. MadmanGoneMad2012 says:

    says the guy who …
    says the guy who uploads playing violin and practicing an old martial art xD.

  13. MadmanGoneMad2012 says:

    title should be …
    title should be tweaked to :
    “Beginner plays Twenty Classical guitar songs”

  14. Padangmagek says:

    Yeah awesome isn’t …
    Yeah awesome isn’t it

  15. Padangmagek says:

    BTW im the one …
    BTW im the one playing the piano
    And its called Judo that aint old

  16. Hiasl1998 says:

    Hey, nice playing …
    Hey, nice playing im looking for easy songs to start my guitar journey and these are just it.

  17. MadmanGoneMad2012 says:

    i’m sorry dude, but …
    i’m sorry dude, but piano and martial arts are as old as middle ages crap you’re saying. xD

  18. ramses0 says:

    That’s a great …
    That’s a great point… I’ve gotten a bit better in the last two years and should re-record this set list. Classical Guitar is *hard*, especially for hobbyist students and I wanted to share songs that were a good “bang for the buck”. There are tons that are technically challenging but don’t sound good. These are some that weren’t that technically challenging, but were interesting (for me) to hear and practice.

  19. DeluxeLXZ says:

    first song notes/ …
    first song notes/tabs please?

  20. rubenthegrease says:

    Wtf is up with your …
    Wtf is up with your guitar, it sounds ugly. What strings are they, steel???!!?? man get some new strings

  21. titaniumdiveknife says:

    Could I learn these …
    Could I learn these on a normal acoustic guitar?

  22. ramses0 says:

    I don’t see why not …
    I don’t see why not. They tend to depend on picking / plucking multiple strings at the same time, so I don’t know how well that would interact with your fingernails / picks, but in theory it’s possible.

  23. Matthew Young says:

    Rubenthegrease they …
    Rubenthegrease they are nylon strings it’s a classical guitar. They sound fine for the music they’re used for so just relax and don’t be so harsh.

  24. mayertim says:

    I play this stuff …
    I play this stuff on my electric. the majority of the beauty is lost. but i still practice on my electric, waiting for the day i get a classical guitar

  25. trollercoaster99 says:

    Sir, please if you …
    Sir, please if you could help get the tabs from 1:50 anonymous, Danse Brandbourgeoise it would be greatly appreciated , message them to me. I know I really should be into the community and what not, but I don’t have the money to be buying subscriptions from my parents cards, if theres anyway you could pass me those tabs I will do anything.

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