How to Play the Guitar Tremolo Classical & Flamenco Style

Hey guys! :}

Well here ~it~ is! 😀

The Video that hundreds of you have requested from me. 😉
Tremolo Guitar and how to Practice, Play ~it~ AND Develop ~it~ with some extra Exercises to further develop your Technique!

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Thank you for watching my Guitar Friend!
See ~you~ on the next Video!

God Bless~
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Duration : 0:13:56

Stephen J Parkin (The Dressage Husband) lives at Pine Grove Stable in Nova Scotia with his wife Shauna La Pierre and owns 4 horses 1 dog and a cat (Robin The Barn Kitten). He writes on Hubpages, Ezine and Street Articles, as well as being the author of this blog.

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25 comments on “How to Play the Guitar Tremolo Classical & Flamenco Style
  1. echtalion says:

    Recuerdos de la …
    Recuerdos de la Alhambra.

  2. Larry Nelson says:

    great lesson–love …
    great lesson–love to try a nylon string guitar but was told not to place such strings on a steel
    guitar–thanks for sharing

  3. monkeygoboomx says:

    that suxs but are u …
    that suxs but are u playing it with what chord?

  4. GiveOrLooseIt says:

    Happy to help my …
    Happy to help my Friend. I hope it opens new horizons & helps you discover ~it~ more easy! 🙂 God Bless~

  5. GiveOrLooseIt says:

    YES~ :)
    YES~ :)

  6. GiveOrLooseIt says:

    E Chord
    E Chord

  7. Agne Paula says:

    show your face ;))
    show your face ;))

  8. GiveOrLooseIt says:

    🙂 If I show my …
    🙂 If I show my face people ask me to show the Guitar~ 😀 Next Video then~ 😉

  9. riidehoid says:

    man, seems that …
    man, seems that this is most effective fingerstyle excercise in youtube. have been trying different ways but still arm is cold meaning fingers are not moving freely not to mention hitting strings with wrong finger or thumb etc. I try this one. thank you for the video

  10. GiveOrLooseIt says:

    I hope this Video …
    I hope this Video will help then my Guitar Friend! 🙂 And hitting strings ‘wrong’ is a problem that will go away with some time and practice. 😉 Never give up! :} Thank you so for your lovely comment! God Bless~

  11. jtk0212 says:

    This exercise is …
    This exercise is helping me tons- thanks for taking the time to post this!

  12. GiveOrLooseIt says:

    Happy to help~ 🙂
    Happy to help~ 🙂

  13. GiveOrLooseIt says:

    Play very slow with …
    Play very slow with a Metronome. Many free online. 😉 Slowly speed it up to your likings~ :}

  14. RastafarianRussian says:

    Do you need long …
    Do you need long nails for this?

  15. DrOrphious79 says:

    Always excellent …
    Always excellent lessons : )

    Thankyou for posting them all

  16. GiveOrLooseIt says:

    My pleasure~ :) …
    My pleasure~ :) Thank ~you~ for commenting on them! 😉 God Bless~

  17. GiveOrLooseIt says:

    Not too long~ no, …
    Not too long~ no, just enough to sweep the string. :}

  18. Han Solo says:

    Now that’s what I …
    Now that’s what I needed to see. Thank you sir.

  19. robertoq125 says:

    Hi…I love …
    Hi…I love flamenco and practice the techniques that I learned almost everyday, but tremolo is the one technique that frustrates me a lot. There are times that I lost my patience but I still keep on practicing. Thank you for your tutorial video on this.

  20. PianoOwl says:

    thanks so much. now …
    thanks so much. now i have something to practice over the holiday!

  21. GiveOrLooseIt says:

    🙂 Go for ‘it’!! 😉
    🙂 Go for ‘it’!! 😉

  22. GiveOrLooseIt says:

    Don’t give up! It …
    Don’t give up! It will come before you know it~ :}

  23. GiveOrLooseIt says:

    😀 Happy to help! …
    😀 Happy to help! :} Most welcome~ God Bless~

  24. PianoOwl says:

    thanks. its getting …
    thanks. its getting better already.

  25. busheeri says:

    Dude this is hard …
    Dude this is hard i know how to do it without the thumb the thumb is Annoying xD

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