John Williams The Seville concert guitar

The Seville concert – John Williams guitar

Duration : 0:59:46

Stephen J Parkin (The Dressage Husband) lives at Pine Grove Stable in Nova Scotia with his wife Shauna La Pierre and owns 4 horses 1 dog and a cat (Robin The Barn Kitten). He writes on Hubpages, Ezine and Street Articles, as well as being the author of this blog.

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22 comments on “John Williams The Seville concert guitar
  1. Alli Baba says:

    I have to agree …
    I have to agree that he is rather clinical and he also looks like an accountant, but there is no denying his masterful command of the guitar and inspiration to thousands.
    Not always my first choice to listen to these beautiful pieces, but love him you must.

  2. ZiPolishHammer says:

    No wasted motion.. …
    No wasted motion… excellent

  3. The Ten-String Guitar Channel says:

    The lack of any …
    The lack of any logical progression or cohesion in this hodgepodge programme gives me indigestion. Spain to the Baroque to a concerto to Japan to Edgar Allen Poe…and one movement of a concerto to finish: it’s like having dessert before egg and bacon breakfast followed by pizza and sushi. Moreover, there is a difference between a concert and a “concert”, this being staged and edited, the former being live in front of an audience. Let’s see Williams playing a live recital, not studio recording.

  4. Jonathan Rigsby says:

    Beauty is the eye …
    Beauty is the eye of the beholder, music in the ear of the listener.

  5. TheNuma191 says:

    haha LOL nice song …
    haha LOL nice song!!

  6. TheNuma191 says:

    like thus song
    like thus song

  7. TheNuma191 says:

    this song
    this song

  8. Mariah Lambes says:

    Having a ” …
    Having a “hodgepodge” program is actually very common in “concerts” like this one. You have one player playing different pieces from different styles. At the University I attend I have heard over 50 different concerts this year from soloist, wind bands, and even an orchestra or two and EVERY concert was mixed in terms of music eras. I rather enjoyed this musical adventure.

  9. OfficialPrankTime says:

    I KNEW HE …


  10. TheNuma191 says:


  11. TheNuma191 says:

    i love hardstyle XD
    i love hardstyle XD

  12. TheNuma191 says:

    i love this to
    i love this to

  13. kazuyoshi Kobayashi says:

    私のギターのお手本にしていたのがジョン …


  14. Bogart Sandoval says:

    Why 11 dislikes?
    Why 11 dislikes?

  15. tulus situngkir says:

    they are beyonce …
    they are beyonce and bieber fans

  16. weidesvideo says:

    The Spanish cedar- …
    The Spanish cedar-top sounds so sultry and has so much character! So glad he chooses a traditional guitar in this setting (an Ignacio Fleta?). I’d be surprised if it’s actually one of his usual modern double-top Greg Smallman.

  17. george erwin says:


  18. CordobaMs says:

    прекрасная музыка, …
    прекрасная музыка, вкусный стиль съемок! mucho gusto! Спасибо!

  19. Alfredo Dávila V. says:

    Excelente concierto …
    Excelente concierto, me encantó.

  20. Nikki Blueice says:

    Very talented …
    Very talented musicians!

  21. Luiz da Silveira says:

    Superb. Thank you …
    Superb. Thank you very much.

  22. Jacob Lazos says:

    Alguien sabe como …
    Alguien sabe como se llama el constructor de la guitarra que usa este ejecutador. Tiene un excelente sonido. Gracias

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