How to Change Strings on a Classical Guitar

Covers putting new strings on your classical guitar. Easy how-to that shows you up-close exactly how to do it. Download a FREE copy of Andrew’s How to Change Your Strings PDF Guidebook: URL below…

NOTE: Although there are other ways of knotting the strings at the bridge and tuners, the methods shown in this video have been tried and tested for over 20 years and have consistently held-up without fail for both live and studio recording sessions by the author.

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Stephen J Parkin (The Dressage Husband) lives at Pine Grove Stable in Nova Scotia with his wife Shauna La Pierre and owns 4 horses 1 dog and a cat (Robin The Barn Kitten). He writes on Hubpages, Ezine and Street Articles, as well as being the author of this blog.

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25 comments on “How to Change Strings on a Classical Guitar
  1. PriveGitaarles says:

    bad video

    bad video

  2. TexasBarBQ says:

    how long do nylon …
    how long do nylon strings last before you have to buy more?

  3. Jason Williamson says:

    Would you recommend …
    Would you recommend the brillo pad, bore oil, and Quick Detailer techniques for electric & acoustic guitars?

  4. angusrules53 says:

    on that note, my …
    on that note, my guitar teacher recommended to change strings every month. what are your thoughts?(floyd rose guitar)

  5. Isabel Acura says:

    Sorry, but I found …
    Sorry, but I found this video useless because your hand is in front of the camera blocking views.

  6. Keith Finch says:

    Hi, I found that …
    Hi, I found that very informative. I have just put new strings on my guitar and of course, I can now see one or two mistakes that I’ve made! Thank you.

  7. 駕 駛者 says:

    It’s really useful …
    It’s really useful and clear. Thanks, mate!

  8. Luc De Roover says:

    not verry clear , …
    not verry clear , your hand covers everything,verry poor camera position,now i have to look for a clear example how to do it .

  9. Edward M says:

    I was always told …
    I was always told to tie the strings on the bridge together so they do not slip. Do you string classical strings this way also? Symphony Classical Guitar teachers is where I was told/shown

  10. Raman Jaff says:

    awesome video mate …
    awesome video mate, subscribed

  11. Mario Verkerk says:

    Thank you. I can …
    Thank you. I can change my classical guitar strings myself now 🙂

  12. Lewis Wood says:

    Awesome cheers …
    Awesome cheers just what i needed , saved 60 bucks 🙂

  13. epf1961 says:

    This was a …
    This was a revelation: I always thought it was strange that classical strings don’t have ball ends, so I would “make my own” by knotting up the ends of the strings into little balls before feeding the strings through. Never thought of simply tying the strings around the bridge as you did. Looks like a much easier way.

  14. Ricky Morse says:

    Great video… I …
    Great video… I just got an old Classical Guitar from my Brother in law. It was made a long time ago in Romania. It is a Beautiful Guitar and I am glad I found your channel. You are an easy guy to learn from. Thanks!

  15. shahra1985 says:

    I was about to say …
    I was about to say that haha

  16. shahra1985 says:

    Is tying the knots …
    Is tying the knots on the machine head necessary for E, A and D strings? I thought that applies for the first 3 strings only.. forgive me if im wrong

  17. mandowoody1 says:

    DUDE! you dont …
    DUDE! you dont have to sue the guy! you’re the noob who can’t do it…

  18. mandowoody1 says:

    woah! all those …
    woah! all those tools!

  19. tlangoon says:

    It’d be lovely if …
    It’d be lovely if you’d show the strings instead of blocking them with your hands.

  20. Christopher Jones says:

    Just what I was …
    Just what I was looking for. As a relatively new classical guitar owner/player this video was just what I was looking for. Couple of questions for you:
    What is in the “Quik Detailer” that makes it okay to use on the body?
    Is it okay to use on higher end (I have a Cordoba C7) guitars? What about regular electric solid and semi-hollow bodies?

  21. jahosaphat says:

    Thanks for posting …
    Thanks for posting this video it has been very helpful.

  22. iteozzz says:

    ur hands are …
    ur hands are actually so big that i could not see a thing. a bit frustrating. btw, appreciate it

  23. Madis Pauls Tučs says:

    Does classical …
    Does classical guitar sounds different with fresh strings?

  24. akhilesh namdrame says:

    im having a big …
    im having a big problem.. the string tend to stretch too much and they finally broke on tuning them. What should i do ?

  25. Mathews Barbosa says:


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