Game of Thrones Classical Acoustic Guitar Cover

Hi thanks for watching,
I have spent the last few days learning this excelent piece written by Ramin Djawadi for the tv series game of thrones. major thanks to Marnavot for providing the guitar pro tabs. It was exactly the arrangement i was looking for when i decided to learn this piece. i have cut it down a bit simply because i think it drags in places and i wanted to cut to the chase!
It was recorded on my phone so sorry if it is not the best quality, however i think it shows clearly how it was played. if you want tabs please check out Marnavots cover where he has provided the guitar pro dl for you all!!
here is the link for the tab. its in pdf format.

again this was all Marnavots work im just making it avaliable for those who do not have guitar pro! this is exactly what i learned except i cut it down a bit! so you should get the same outcome! good luck!!

Duration : 0:1:27

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12 comments on “Game of Thrones Classical Acoustic Guitar Cover
  1. victor2203ob says:

    Thank you very much …
    Thank you very much!! In this video I can see the position of the two hands more clearly. However, the fingerpicking of the right hand is still difficult to appreciate. The same happens with some chords of the left hand. Could you make a simple text TAB like the tabs shown in some webpages (e.g. ultimate-guitar or 911tabs). This kind of TABs are more easy for beginers like me. Thanks!!

  2. MrTiberiust says:

    Hey victor thx for …
    Hey victor thx for the comment.glad you enjoyed the vid i will try and sort a tab out this weekend if i get the time!

  3. victor2203ob says:

    Hi MrTiberiust. …
    Hi MrTiberiust. Have you made the guitar TAB already? I’m waiting with emotion!! Lol

  4. MrTiberiust says:

    added a guitar tab …
    added a guitar tab exported from guitar pro. this is exactly what i learned but i then cut it down a bit for the video! for the timing just keep counting 1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3 and focus on the notes in time with that to start. then add in the off beat notes as you become comfortable with it! if you need any help just ask!

  5. atph120890 says:

    pls tell me tuning …
    pls tell me tuning is EADGBE

  6. Razz13 says:

    Thanks for the PDF …
    Thanks for the PDF link, much appreciated

  7. Hamish Pring says:

    no shit! haha

    no shit! haha

  8. MrTiberiust says:

    no problem hope it …
    no problem hope it helped!

  9. skoniux says:

    tab link died :<
    tab link died :<

  10. Sonofmetal92 says:

    please post the tab …
    please post the tab again, it will be awesome!

  11. tom carpenter says:

    download not …
    download not available anymore:(

  12. Valkyrie90210 says:

    TABS! Please this …
    TABS! Please this is the best arrangement I’ve found yet!

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