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Skyrim – Sons of Skyrim Classical Guitar

 Skyrim   Sons of Skyrim Classical Guitar

026 Skyrim   Sons of Skyrim Classical GuitarMy arrangement of the Skyrim theme! The volume’s pretty low, so you may want to turn it up a bit, at 2.40 especially. Watch in HD for better audio! The tab:


Difficulty: Challenging, but fun. There’s key changes, time signature changes, mood shifts, tempo changes and a big strumming section!



Duration : 0:3:31

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Classical Guitar: How to choose a classical guitar

 Classical Guitar: How to choose a classical guitar

032 Classical Guitar: How to choose a classical guitar
Information, suggestions and advice on choosing a classical guitar.
The Abanico guitar company was formed by a guitar teacher, frustrated at the lack of choice when his pupils came to upgrade their guitars from their basic models. There has always been a lack of instrument choice at the difficult £200 to £300 price point but these quality instruments represent extremely good value for that kind of money. Available with either solid spruce or cedar fronts, they have laminate rosewood back and sides and are fitted with Der Jung machine heads. They come complete with a semi rigid foam case. You can try them in Worthing, Sussex or, have them couriered to your door, with a money back guarantee if not completely satisfied. If you are a pupil looking to upgrade your current classical guitar or a teacher wanting a good quality workhorse, then please check out For sale now.

Review of Abanico Guitars (Lin Flanagan for BMG Magazine)

Ok, let’s start with the bit that will make many readers laugh. Abanico Guitars are handmade in China. Now, let’s look at all of the reasons why you should take these instruments seriously.

These guitars are very nicely finished from the woodwork through to the hardware. The woods are those that are traditionally used in classical guitar construction, and there are two models available, giving a choice of either a cedar or spruce top. The action is favourably low without unduly limiting the volume, and the neck is nicely shaped and feels very comfortable indeed. They are currently supplied with a set of respectable D’Addario strings*. In short, they feel good to play. (*Depending on the individual guitar, it will be fitted with either ‘Concertiste’ standard guage or ‘D’Addario’ high tension strings)

The quality of the sound that is produced by both of the two models on offer is quite exquisite. The cedar top version gives a warm rounded sound that to my mind best suits classical music, while the spruce top version emanates an equally pleasant but brighter sound that is more conducive to Latin styles. However, these are entirely subjective conclusions. There is a distinct difference in tone between the two models, but it is not easy to decide on a preference.

At the price that these guitars are offered they are an absolute steal. But the fact that they come with a hard case makes the price outrageous. If you’re looking to step up from the traditional sub-£150 beginners guitar range, you’ll be hard-pushed to get a better guitar for £225 (price correct at time of review, now £245) than an Abanico. Most European-built guitars of this quality are only available for around twice the price.

The prejudices of a lack of authenticity were eventually overcome by Japanese luthiers of electric and steel-string acoustic guitars, some of whom eventually matched and even surpassed their American counterparts. So, I have no doubt that there will now be those who will raise their eyebrows at the thought of a Chinese-built ‘Spanish’ guitar. But if you’re looking for a ‘next level’ instrument, then for price, quality of build and sound, I strongly advise that you consider trying an Abanico.

Duration : 0:6:7

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Pachelbel’s Canon Classical Guitar Lesson Part 1

025 Pachelbels Canon Classical Guitar Lesson Part 1
Tab now available at Pachelbel’s Canon. I will teach the whole song in multiple lessons. This is the first one.

Duration : 0:10:40

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The Misty Mountains Cold – The Hobbit (classical guitar) with tab

023 The Misty Mountains Cold   The Hobbit (classical guitar) with tabThis is my interpretation of “Misty Mountains Cold”.
I can’t wait to share this music because I am a big fan of Tolkien.
I read “The lord of the rings” and “the hobbit”.
Fantasy atmosphere is absolutely epic.
I love this saga.
Film work produced by Peter Jackson is great.
So I hope that you like this video.

I want to say “THANK YOU” to oldwhtman.
Thanks him I studied this piece.
A special thanks to Tim Parson, he made the original arrangement.

Tab of oldwhtman :
Tab of Tim Parson:

Microphone: “ZOOM H1″
camera: Sony Handycam® HDR-CX220

Follow me on You Tube, Facebook and Myspace :



Duration : 0:1:19

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Electric Guitar : How do I Read Music for Guitar?

024 Electric Guitar : How do I Read Music for Guitar?Music made for guitar reads differently on notes and chords than regular sheet music does. Learn to interpret guitar music properly with help from a professional production artist in this free video.

Expert: Chay Alexander Wright
Bio: Chay Alexander Wright has been involved in music production since his days as a teenage musician in suburban Atlanta, and his principle instrument is the guitar.
Filmmaker: Pfelton Sutton

Series Description: Electric guitars have a unique ability to use a speaker to play music, and can be calibrated to play many different sounds. Learn the basics of electric guitar with help from a professional production artist in this free video.

Duration : 0:3:42

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Nothing Else Matters (Classical guitar)

02 Nothing Else Matters (Classical guitar)This is a classical guitar version of the great song Nothing Else Matters, made by Metallica.
The song is a sample from my first solo guitar album, Bonum Musica, wich contains 15 newly recorded songs.



Duration : 0:5:49

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Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Arr. Qualey) ~ Classical Guitar ~ J.S.Bach

034 Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring (Arr. Qualey) ~ Classical Guitar ~ J.S.BachThis composition of J.S.Bach is music
one wants to play high on top of the mountains
to praise the beauty of God’s creation!

This wonderful arrangement is by David Qualey
performed on my Yamaha Guitar.
Notation/TAB are available at David Qualeys webside:

Thank you, David, for sharing this gem!

SOUND mixed by Stephan Thomas Weniger
Stephan is a versatile musician and teacher

also known for his profound guitar demonstrations!

PHOTOGRAPHS by Johannes Nießing
captured in the Aosta Valley in Italy in June 2011

#31 — Heiß diskutiert (heute) — Musik
#47 — Heiß diskutiert (diese Woche) — Musik
Thank you sincerely, my faithful friends!

Duration : 0:4:51

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Game of Thrones Classical Acoustic Guitar Cover

038 Game of Thrones Classical Acoustic Guitar CoverHi thanks for watching,
I have spent the last few days learning this excelent piece written by Ramin Djawadi for the tv series game of thrones. major thanks to Marnavot for providing the guitar pro tabs. It was exactly the arrangement i was looking for when i decided to learn this piece. i have cut it down a bit simply because i think it drags in places and i wanted to cut to the chase!
It was recorded on my phone so sorry if it is not the best quality, however i think it shows clearly how it was played. if you want tabs please check out Marnavots cover where he has provided the guitar pro dl for you all!!
here is the link for the tab. its in pdf format.

again this was all Marnavots work im just making it avaliable for those who do not have guitar pro! this is exactly what i learned except i cut it down a bit! so you should get the same outcome! good luck!!

Duration : 0:1:27

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Sungmin Lee: Beethoven – ‘Moonlight Sonata’ – Classical Guitar

022 Sungmin Lee: Beethoven   Moonlight Sonata   Classical GuitarFacebook fan page:


‘Moonlight Sonata’ composed by Beethoven

Hey guys! icon biggrin Sungmin Lee: Beethoven   Moonlight Sonata   Classical Guitar

Here’s one of the hardest songs I’ve played on the classical guitar. It consists of billions of bar chords that tire me out lol xD
I tried recording this a long time ago, after a week of practicing this song, but it literally sucked so I just deleted that take.
After like 2 more weeks, I tried it again in one take, and it turned out all right.
This was the take, and I’m satisfied with it! Since I’m not a pro, I guess it doesn’t really matter if it’s perfect or not.

I was in Virginia for the past week so I was not able to upload a video since the hotel we stayed at had the worst service. I literally had to wait like 5 hours for a video to upload. However, the videos that were “uploaded” turned out to fail to get on youtube. So I’m now back home, and I uploaded this video. It took way shorter than 5 hours back here in my house. Around 30 minutes lol xDD Although the internet service there was bad, I had fun there. I got to drive a go-kart in Motor World! icon biggrin Sungmin Lee: Beethoven   Moonlight Sonata   Classical Guitar My first time driving a vehicle. icon smile Sungmin Lee: Beethoven   Moonlight Sonata   Classical Guitar

I just wanted to mention that I learned a lot of how to play this song by watching Eric Henderson’s video of this song. I mean I learned the notes by reading the sheet music, but I learned like techniques and better fingerings by watching his video. You should check him out here:

He’s great! icon biggrin Sungmin Lee: Beethoven   Moonlight Sonata   Classical Guitar

Here’s the sheet music too if you’d like to learn this song. This is the sheet music I used. However, I have changed some stuff to make it easier for me to play by watching Eric Henderson’s video. icon smile Sungmin Lee: Beethoven   Moonlight Sonata   Classical Guitar He played some of it differently from the sheet music. Here is the sheet music:

Anyways, I hope you guys like this vid, and I’ll see you guys soon!

Thanks so much!!

-Sungmin Lee

Duration : 0:5:36

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Fundamentals of Classical Guitar

037 Fundamentals of Classical GuitarFundamentals of Classical Guitar offers a structured, active, and comprehensive entrance into the world of classical guitar, and is a perfect fit for students with pick-style electric and acoustic guitar backgrounds. The course begins by providing an important perspective on the history of classical guitar, including its artists and the regions in which the music developed. You will also learn about and gain an appreciation of the role that classical guitar plays in the development of rock, folk, acoustic, and Latin American musical styles.

Learn more at

Duration : 0:1:56

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