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My Memory (겨울연가 冬季戀歌 Winter Sonata OST) – Fingerstyle Guitar Tab

Download Tab: http://nothingbuttabs.blogspot.com/p/fingerstyle-guitar-tabs.html
Special thanks to gnahanut for providing his original tab :)

GuitarPro tab: http://nothingbuttabs.blogspot.com/

Duration : 0:2:47

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Fur Elise on Guitar – Tab, Score, Sheet Music

Beethoven. I will put up the tab file for download in any format they want if anyone cares.

Duration : 0:2:53

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Fur Elise – Beethoven – Classical Spanish Guitar version (Easy Guitar Chords)

Fur Elise – Beethoven – Classical spanish version (Easy Guitar Chords). This is my first take and the ending wasn’t planed at all! lol

This is not the full version, but I hope I can buy a memory card for my camera to record more than 3 mins!
Enjoy listening! and in the future I might make a tutorial for it :)

– Easy Guitar Chords

Duration : 0:2:24

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Moonlight Sonata – Guitar Tabs & Score Available

For the score + tabs visit: http://www.myguitarcorner.com/projects/Beethoven%20-%20Moonlight%20Sonata

The Piano Sonata No. 14, by Ludwig van Beethoven, is popularly known as the “Moonlight” Sonata. The work was completed in 1801 and rumored to be dedicated to his pupil, 17-year-old Countess Giulietta Guicciardi, with whom Beethoven was, or had been, in love.

The name “Moonlight” Sonata derives from a description of the first movement by music critic Ludwig Rellstab, who compared it to moonlight shining upon Lake Lucerne.

This first movement is one of the most popular and acclaimed musical pieces over the ages and has seen many interpretations including on the guitar.

The guitar adaptation looses some of the notes in the bass and changes the tonality to A minor since playing this piece in C# Minor, its original tonality, on the guitar would just simply be ungodly and impossible because the instrument doesn’t have enough high notes to cover this tonality.

Duration : 0:5:16

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Fur Elise by Beethoven on Guitar – Beginner Tab Lesson Tutorial Classical Tablature

http://www.fuzzymonkeytabs.com I have this laid out very nicely at my site. This is my simplified version of Fur Elise by Beethoven. This guitar tablature is pretty easy to play and it’s a great classical song. Most of this song is repetition and the only difference between part 1 and part 1b is 6 extra notes at the beginning. Let me know what you think.

Duration : 0:1:33

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Moonlight Sonata – classical guitar

Michael Lucarelli plays Moonlight sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven on classical guitar from his CD Collage available from http://lucarelli.com/info/online-store

Duration : 0:5:28

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How to play Fingerstyle classical guitar lesson in styles of Segovia Beethoven Carulli progression arpeggios

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In this video we teach some classical playing examples and arpeggios in the styles of Segovia Beethoven and Carulli

Many more full on video lessons at the full on video instructional website at:

Duration : 0:5:49

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Moonlight Sonata (classical guitar)

This is “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven; the song was composed on piano but I still gave it a try on my classical guitar. The tab is here:


Thanks for watching!

Duration : 0:6:40

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