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Classical Guitar Sprezzatura

Classical Guitar Sprezzatura is a guitar lesson for guitar players of any style who wish to either learn fingerstyle guitar techniques or to improve their fingerstyle guitar playing. This guitar tutorial is a perfect foundation to any guitar style be it jazz, flamenco, classical, blues or for even the rock guitarist who wants to work on rock ballads. Dr. Mark Switzer demonstrates the foundational right hand techniques typically found in classical guitar, breaks each down very simply and then provides the student with exercises designed to perfect each technique for use with any style of music.

What makes this guitar DVD lesson different is the way the camera shows the right hand technique of the rest stroke and free stroke from the student’s perspective which makes the material far easier to absorb. This guitar tutorial also focuses on teaching the foundational techniques instead of teaching licks or a single song. This guitar lesson therefore teaches how to play the guitar well rather than how to play a single song.

For the price of a DVD, the guitar student obtains multiple lessons that can be paused and rewound as many times as they want instead of paying for lesson after lesson. This guitar tutorial also serves as a wonderful supplement for a guitar instructor to use with their students to address the foundations of rest stroke, free stroke, and left hand technique. Basic exercises are also shown to aid in the development of the techniques.

The techniques presented in this DVD are not just the product of Mark’s 40 plus years with the guitar but rather it is a continuance of a long tradition which he learned from maestro Pepe Romero and from his father Celedonio Romero, who worked with Daniel Fortea, who was a pupil of Francisco Tarrega, the “father of the modern guitar.”

Duration : 0:4:14

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How to play Mi Favorita – Learn to Play Classical Guitar via Webcam Lessons

George Schmidt now offers live one on one webcam lessons for students from beginners to performers. He has over 30 years of full time teaching experience and his method of teaching is the result of a process that has been refined over many years of practical and professional experience.

The styles of music offered in his curriculum range from Classical, Flamenco, Classic Rock, Blues, Folk or Jazz.

With experiencing music being the goal, the main focus of the studies is on learning to play actual songs. Specific pieces are broken down and presented in order of technical situations and difficulty. This allows you to develop technical skills and at the same time learn authentic songs. Also, with these being private lessons, each program is designed to fit the unique needs of each indiviual student.

He believes that anyone who enjoys music and has the desire to express them self through that medium should be given the opportunity to do so. His lesson programs, if applied, will help provide for you the means through which you can realize your own potential for musical expression.

In addition to the live Skype online webcam lessons he also provides each student with charts in PDF format and recorded breakdowns in the form of mp3’s and video clips at no additional cost. These are sent as attachments forwarded to you via email. These are wonderful extra aids to help in your comprehension of the material.

If you are interested in finding out how to sign up and get started, or need more info you may access his website at www.southwestguitarinstruction.com for further details and information or email him at [email protected]

Duration : 0:7:34

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