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Brothers In Arms – 3 Cam Classical Guitar version by MFN

Acoustic version of this Dire Straits all time classic performed by “MFN”.
The song was originally written by british songwriter and formerly Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler. The special arrangement for classical guitar comes fom Dan C. Holloway.
The guitar was built by german luthier Hans Volkholz in 1977. It´s fitted with nylon strings for a warm and smooth sound.
Recorded with microphone ZOOM H2 and 3 cameras. Hope you enjoy it!

Duration : 0:5:24

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Alpaca Classical Guitar Party Day – Zach Page

Zach Page plays Classical Guitar the ladies of Whimsical Acres!

Prelude no. 2 – Villa Lobos
Recuerdos De La Alhambra by Francisco Tarrega
and more-

Whimsical Acres Alpaca Farms www.whimsicalacres.com

Duration : 0:4:24

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My Memory (겨울연가 冬季戀歌 Winter Sonata OST) – Fingerstyle Guitar Tab

Download Tab: http://nothingbuttabs.blogspot.com/p/fingerstyle-guitar-tabs.html
Special thanks to gnahanut for providing his original tab :)

GuitarPro tab: http://nothingbuttabs.blogspot.com/

Duration : 0:2:47

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Romance – Instrumental Guitar – Frédéric Mesnier

Download Sheet Music, Tab & MP3:



Composer: Frédéric Mesnier
Performance: Frédéric Mesnier
Guitar: Maurice Dupont Concert 1995 (France)
On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FMGuitar
On Twitter: http://twitter.com/FMGuitar
A smooth arpegiatted melody. Not that difficult except few bars with unusual left-hand positions



Duration : 0:2:41

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Pendulum – classical guitar

I discovered this composition on youtube performed by the composer Michael New. He was kind enough to send me the music. One of my favorites. I hope you like it as much as i do.

Duration : 0:2:58

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“Inspector Gadget” for Classical Guitar.

Inspector Gadget is a famous cyborg policeman with a seemingly endless amount of gadgets he can summon by saying “Go-Go-Gadget” then the gadget’s name. Although he has all this equipment, Gadget is ultimately incompetent and clueless), and overcomes obstacles and survives perilous situations by sheer good luck, with help from his faithful niece Penny, who is a genius, and intelligent dog Brain who both must secretly help him solve each case.

Duration : 0:1:55

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Franz Schubert: Ave Maria – Fingerstyle Guitar

Download tab: http://nothingbuttabs.blogspot.com

Guitar tuning: DGDGBE (6=D, 5=G)

Arrangement by legendary guitar master Chet Atkins. I simplified some technically challenging parts to make it easier for my old fingers. You can check out my blog above with performance notes.

Duration : 0:3:54

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Ave Maria classical guitar lesson – Franz Schubert

My finger style guitar arrangement for this beautiful tune. The lesson can be found here: http://www.guitarforbeginners.com/forum/index.php?/topic/25952-ave-maria/

Duration : 0:2:22

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Nothing Else Matters Classical Guitar Cover

Tab: http:www.duecrome.it/en/tabs-for-acoustic-guitar.html
Guitar video lesson of Nothing Else Matters from the black album by Metallica. Acoustic version for a single acoustic or classical guitar.
Visit my channel to watch other famous and beautiful guitar theme and get the tab or the sheet music free.
Let’s keep informed about new guitar tabs and new songs subscribing to my channel!

Nothing Else Matters per chitarra classica.
Nothing Else Matters para guitarra clásica

Duration : 0:3:40

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Buongiorno Principessa, Nicola Piovani – classical guitar

http://www.duecrome.it Colonna Sonora del Film “La Vita è Bella” di Roberto Benigni.
Life is beautiful Soundtrack on classical guitar duo.
A beautiful and emotional song from “life is beautiful” movie (Roberto Benigni)
Soundtrack oscar winner on 1998.
This acoustic version is arranged from a piano version.
Inside my channel you can find others arrangments of beautiful songs and soundtracks and you can get some guitar tabs free.

Duration : 0:3:39

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