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Classical Guitar – BTS Sandbox

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Duration : 0:3:22

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Classical Guitar

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Duration : 0:1:41

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Live: Moonlight – Classical Guitar Duet

download, http://www.joeno1.net/wp/2009/10/17/classical-guitar/live-recording-moonlight-etude-in-bm-fernando-sor-classical-guitar-duet/9760/
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Duration : 0:2:57

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Estudio Brillante (Francisco Tárrega)_21, Classical Guitar Etude【华丽练习曲】

free sheet music download,


This is a practice recording on September 18th, 2009.
I re-arrange the fingering every time I pick up this study. This time I changed quite a lot. I feel good about it. It works better for me. It looks so easy by watching the video.
Check my blog for more detail,

Duration : 0:2:18

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Super fast solo by Joe Robinson (Classical gas)

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Duration : 0:2:12

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Paul Gilbert Classical Guitar

Paul Gilbert playing classical guitar. This video is Paul’s best shot at Flamenco guitar. The song name is “Flamingo”. He named it as a joke for his supposed “inability” to play real Flamenco. Everyone knows Mr. Gilbert can play anything..

Duration : 0:4:9

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