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Classical Guitar – BTS Sandbox

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Classical Guitar

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” Seal – Kiss from a rose ” instrumental on classical guitar

I’ve heard a piano-instrumental-version of this song by Seal and tried to play it on classic guitar.

So this is my own arrangement and theres no tab for this version on the internet.
But if you find some tab thats worth mentioning, mail the adress to me and I’ll post it here!
Or if you like to tab it out… i’d post the link here and give you credit for tabbing out.

Share your opinion!

P.S.: Since I haven’t got any tabs for the song… just heard the song and played it…
perhaps you can figure it out by watching the vid? The song was played in a/A.
The Chords at the beginning:
Intro: A F G A
(A)There used to be… (F)tower alo(G)ne …sea (A)

And so on…
(G)I’ve been (D)kissed by a(C)rose on the (G)grave
Finishing the bridge: GDCA

And of course, you can use this video as a backing track to sing on it. Please post it as a response afterwards and I’ll look forward to hear you sing.

Also be sure to subscribe to my channel, since more videos will follow, also non-covers.. I have some funny ideas of what needs to be played with the guitar…!

Anything I’ve forgotten?

Duration : 0:4:37

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