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Andy McKee – Guitar – Drifting – www.candyrat.com

CD “Art of Motion” available at http://www.candyrat.com

Drifting – Andy McKee Original Song

Duration : 0:3:19

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Storybook Love (Theme from The Princess Bride) Arranged for Classical Guitar

Once Upon a Time (Storybook Love) from the Princess Bride. Theme by Mark Knopfler. Arranged and performed by me on the classical guitar.

People looking for the sheet music click here: http://www.musicnotes.com/sheetmusic/mtd.asp?ppn=MN0087118&mnuid=BPSWNMU223Q34GYM77JZ75GXBTK8R1U508791YN7

People looking for the MP3 click here (it’s track number one): http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-princess-bride-soundtrack/id331059559

Duration : 0:2:23

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El Mariachi – Once Upon A Time In Mexico ( Guitar Tab )

From the Movie ” Once Upon A Time In Mexico”
Guitar tab (pdf file) can be sent by e-mail. It’s written down as i played in the video.

Duration : 0:2:6

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Sheik´s Theme for classical guitar from Legend of Zelda

By popular request: tabs, midi, and sheet music now available for this and other Legend of Zelda songs on guitar! http://zeldatabs.webs.com/

I was disappointed that no one had posted a guitar version that includes both the melody and the bass line so I decided the only way to do justice to this beautiful piece was to arrange it myself. I hadn´t eaten for five days when I recorded this, so please excuse any minor mistakes.

Sheet music can be found here:


Dedicated to Tracy because for some reason this song always reminds me of her.

More to come from Zelda and other classics soon! Give me some suggestions…

Duration : 0:0:57

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A time for us (Romeo and Juliet) with guitar Tab

This song has been done many times here, but there are slight differences. Please download my tab from

Duration : 0:1:25

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